Get Switched On! Live DVD

This 90 minute digital recording is perfect to share Chip's presentation with everyone in the office and to review his presentation again. Repetition is the mother of skill!


If you can not get Chip to come in live for your team this is the perfect alternative.

Digital Products

THINK - Applying The Success Principles of 1918 Today by Col Wm. C. Hunter

This book is a forgotten classic, (E-Book) originally from 1918. Col. Hunter shares wisdom for success that is even more relevant today. Take 15 minutes a night to let this book help shape your philosophy of life. You will be amazed how forward thinking he was almost 100 years ago.

Get Switched On!  Reevaluate Your Life and Get What You Want... NOW

Recorded live, (digital files) this interactive program will help you get clear on what is really important and how to set a clear vision and game plan that will get results. Over 75 minutes -  learn the 3 keys to Getting Switched On. Great humor, high energy and engaging delivery with content that will help you reevaluate what is possible in your life.


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