If you want to inspire and re-energize your people, start your day with a huddle. Yes a huddle just like the ones used by sports teams. Adapting this known motivational technique for business will generate surprisingly good results for your team.


Why Are Huddles So Effective?


Standing together for a brief meeting energizes a group. It’s a fast way to identify goals, clarify expectations and explain everyone’s role to achieve success. In addition, standing in a circle helps people connect, get switched on, unite for a common goal and feel motivated at work. It’s a powerfully positive way to start the week, day or shift.


How to Run Huddles for Your Team


Based on his extensive experience with effective business models, Chip shares 10 tips for energizing and productive huddles that inspire your people to consistently achieve higher level results. Stop wondering how to motivate employees and give it a try.


1. Keep it Short – A brief meeting of less than 10-minutes works best to motivate staff and clearly communicate top priorities.


2. Stick to a Schedule – A regular schedule makes it easy for people to attend and eliminates confusion. Run huddles on Monday mornings or at the start of every shift depending on your business.


3. No More than 12 – A small group works best to motivate employees in the workplace, so limit your huddle to 12 or less to create a feeling of community.


4. Stand in a Circle –Standing gives you energy at work and the circle allows everyone to see each other for better communication.


5. Music or Chant – To get more energy, begin with a short piece of music or close with a chant of your own creation. It could be as simple as “1-2-3 YES! Or “1, 2, 3 - your company!”


6. Try a Quote – Share a quote with team members as a motivational component. Ask members to celebrate personal and professional wins for a boost of positivity.


7. Avoid Problems– Save problem solving for after the huddle to keep your time upbeat and positive.


8. Create an Agenda – A clear, concise agenda will keep things moving. Mention top priorities for the day or week.


9. Incorporate Culture – If there is something specific to your company, use it to reinforce the culture. Make it unique and fun so people enjoy it.

10. Give it Time – The huddle may feel strange at first, but team members will not only get used to the ritual, but grow to appreciate and look forward to it.


Don’t Have Time for a Huddle?


Some managers tell Chip they feel they don’t have time to take employees away from their jobs for a huddle. Chip challenges this asking how they can NOT make time considering the remarkable and highly productive results even 4-5 minutes can produce. Test it for a month and see the results for yourself.


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