Teams Are Overcoming Obstacles with the Board Break Experience

Whether your competition is fierce, the market is down, or you are facing stiff competition, no company escapes the need for overcoming obstacles. There will always be challenges to face in order to achieve your goals or surpass them for a record-breaking year. Maybe your barrier is to find a way to top last years convention.


Problems that slow results can be internal as well. What limiting beliefs are getting in the way of your success? What ideas hold you back from going for it? People often adopt self-imposed beliefs that interfere with what is truly possible. If your vision is not big enough to include hitting your numbers, then the chances of doing so are limited.


Chip developed the “Board Break Experience” program specifically to help teams with overcoming obstacles. This highly interactive team-building event encourages your people to work together to identify challenges and recognize what holds them back. They’ll also take an honest look at themselves to determine the limiting beliefs getting in the way. What do they need to let go of? What do they need to stop doing or thinking?


In the next step, each person writes new beliefs that will propel them forward and what obstacles they commit to break through. They are given instructions on how to rise above issues, focus solely on the goal, and get into the ideal emotional state to smash through limitations and break their boards. This is an intense, emotional and climatic physical metaphor created to clarify goals and break through barriers that have previously held them back.


The “Board Break Experience” is an ideal team-building program to close your conference, culminating in breaking boards. You’ll see your team rally as they leave the event tremendously inspired and ready to take action. Chip usually presents this high-energy workshop in conjunction with one of his other motivational programs for an exciting half day.


Raving Fans

“Chip’s “Get Switched On” presentation was well prepared, tapered to our company culture and delivered with extreme passion and enthusiasm. It was new, refreshing and gave us actionable ideas the store managers can use immediately - especially the Morning Huddle. The Breaking Barriers experience was unforgettable. You reenergized our team and reawakened their passion to life and their job.”


Fred Hewitt -Performance & development Manager

Jane Blain Gilbertson - Owner/Vice President

Blain's Farm & Fleet



Chip Taps the Hidden Potential within Your Team Members to Drive New Results


Chip has successfully delivered more than 1,000 customized motivational keynotes in the last 20 years that are a deliberate mix of motivation, humor and practical content. Count on Chip to do his homework, researching your company, talking to key employees, and investigating your industry for a program with relatable content. The “Board Break Experience” is the ideal add-on to end your meeting with maximum impact before your people head back to the office.


Whether you hire him for an exciting kick-off or a memorable finale, you are guaranteed a remarkable and inspiring program that will recharge your audience. Chip will challenge your team to honestly re-evaluate where they are and want to be so they ready to take action for improved performance that lasts.


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