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“Chip brings an informative, funny, high-energy presentation that really connected with our association members and really kicked-off our event in an amazing way. The audience was engaged from start to finish. Usually, when I see keynote speakers, people begin checking their phones halfway through the presentation - not during Chip’s talk! Everyone was focused front and center! His interactive handouts were not only great to keep everyone engaged and focused, but they served as a great takeaway for some simple action items to implement immediately!”


Shelby Ricketts

President of GFA - Gasket Fabricators Association

CEO of Concote Corporation

“Chip was fantastic! He helped set the tone for our corporate sales meeting and had people talking about his ideas for three days. The handout and workshop style format is incredible! He was able to connect with everyone and had us all thinking about improving as people and living richer, more fulfilling lives…not just at increase sales. This session was a game changer for many people.”


Bryan Shinn

President and Chief Executive Officer

U.S. Silica

“Chip was a dynamic speaker that truly engaged our 3800 Consultants at our 25th international convention. Pitbull set the bar high at our party the night before. You provided customized, actionable content that taught our sales force how to maximize their performance and move from good to great.”



Cheryl Force
Sr. Vice President of Sales & Training

Pure Romance


“Chip did a fantastic job helping our global sales and delivery teams put things in perspective about what to focus on to be the best they can be.  He provided us all with a much-needed plan for how we stay balanced, invest in our health and well-being, and remain motivated and charged up, ultimately leading to success both personally and professionally. You did your homework and it showed. I loved that your presentation was focused on both life inside and outside of work!”


Kim Eaton

Chief Executive Officer


"Chip Eichelberger exudes positive energy! He provides motivating and actionable content that encourages the audience to take accountability for their own success and re-evaluate their vision, tactics and mindset in order to be the best version of themselves. Concluding with breaking boards was an empowering activity that served as a highlight for the conference attendees!"


Tammi Heaton

Chief Operating Officer



“We brought Chip in to inspire staff at every level to own their own career.  We had secretaries and vice presidents in the audience of 376, new employees and those ready to retire, and everyone in between.


It was NOT a speech. Chip's presentation style and interactive handouts engaged even the most reluctant attendees!  He provided simple and straightforward advice for how to gain control over your own life, health and happiness. It wasn't only theory but real life examples with which we could relate. It was very clear that we have to own our own attitude before trying to impact our career.  He was motivating and inspiring without being sappy.  We all left with a determination to actually do something and put his follow-up plan into action!”


Debra E Gmerek, PhD

Global Biometrics Team Leader for Etrolizumab and Lebrikizumab


"Chip Eichelberger’s “Get Switched On” opening keynote for the NAB Small Market Television Exchange (SMTE) was outstanding. His presentation was engaging and interactive and peppered with just the right amount of humor. He took the time to research the concerns of our industry and conducted interviews with key constituents to be sure his message would resonate for our attendees. And it did… his message was spot-on. Chip set the perfect tone for our conference and attendees gave rave him reviews. Plus, he was great to work with! We booked Chip AGAIN to close our event this time with the Board Break Experience."


Anne Frenette

Vice President,Television Operations

National Association of Broadcasters

"Chip is a friend, an excellent communicator, and a man committed to constant and never-ending improvement. His experience, energy and engagement will make a difference for any company."


Anthony Robbins


Tony Robbins Motivational Speaker

• Sales Person of the Year each year on the road

• International point man UK and Australia

• Over 1300 presentations promoting TR programs

“Thank you so much for two amazing events!! You truly resonated with our reseller audience and our team. The response surveys from the event were so positive. You really got them thinking differently and motivated them to make some serious changes about life, the way they handle referrals and documenting their success. They rated you a 5 out of 5 and one attendee decided to write in their own number and gave you a 27!! We really loved having you at these events to speak to our partners and love how involved, prepared and engaged you were.”


Heather Grofik

Marketing Account Manager

Ingram Micro


Ron Lawrence

Channel Account Manager


“Chip far exceeded our expectations when he opened day one AND closed day two at our National Sales Conference! Our audience has a wide range of attendees from mortgage originators (sales), their leaders and corporate executives. Chip’s preparation leading up to the conference significantly increased his impact as his content was engaging, entertaining, filled with energy and relevant to our audience. The closing Board Break Experience was a great way to send people back into their markets energized and fired up. The picture says it all. When Chip got off stage the AV producer told Chip, ‘You blew last years speaker off the stage.’ We had to agree.”


Kevin Stitt & Rob Rothrock

CEO & Vice President

Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC

“Chip’s talk was exactly what we needed to kick start the main day at the event and we have had terrific feedback from our people. He was a very engaging and high-energy presenter who did a phenomenal job at engaging the audience in a way that I have never seen a speaker do. The customized interactive handouts and audience participation made the level of engagement sky high. He also gave each person a DECISION card to write down personalized goals and internalize the ideas presented. This was very effective and there was not one disengaged apathetic person in the crowd of 600!


Chip took the time to call and interview many of our executives before the conference. This showed to me a very high level of professionalism and attention to detail. He used key quotes from our executives as an integral part of his presentation and they fit just right. The audience could clearly tell Chip had taken the time to learn about Dover, our culture and cared about us and his credibility was very high as a result. His message of building the individual who then builds the company is at the core of being the best.


I would highly recommend Chip as a speaker at your event, he is a consummate professional and a joy to listen to.  Amy and the team at BigSpeak! were a great partner and made me look great for choosing Chip! Your conference is sure to get “Switched On’ with Chip in your midst!”


Maneesh Bhatnagar

Dir. Continuous Improvement and Quality

Dover Corporation

"My experience was wonderful!  I especially appreciated the time you took to prepare for the event and that you reached out to some of our Sales Team to strengthen the conversation. They said you felt more "real" and "genuine" than past speakers and were very good at getting the entire crowd engaged.  We continue to refer back to "A streaks starts with one."  Also "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly."  They specifically resonate with our weekly sales role play practice.


The videos on-line were a good representation to what we would get.  It's hard to pick someone you've never met, and have them impact your entire sales organization.  Your videos gave me great insight into who you are as a presenter and I felt like I got what I signed up for.  Out of everything, this really defines a good experience to me. Thank you again for your time, energy, and commitment to be exceptional at what you do.  You're a true professional.”


 Elizabeth Breitenstein

 Director of Sales

 Fischer Homes

“On behalf of the leadership team, I would like to express our profound gratitude for your presentation at our national business meeting. Your presentation was interactive, high-octane, and deeply moving. In our post meeting survey, employees have expressed that they were inspired to make a switch from ‘doing things good to doing things great’ in different facets of their lives. The workshop material and book are a wonderful investment that will yield a harvest. This is the second time we have partnered with you and we are already looking at other events.”


Patricia Walden

Sr. Marketing Manager


“We just had Chip for the second time to speak to our leadership team. He brings a high level of energy and a unique approach to drive positive change in your daily life.  His energy and engagement is beyond anything you will experience! You will learn to self-reflect, identify challenges and make the necessary decisions to achieve your personal and professional goals.  Chip will not only motivate you, he will equip you with the tools to make you successful.”


John Cross


NS BlueScope Coated Products - North America

"Chip ‘lit up the room’ as the closer to our annual national sales meeting. He had a group of very seasoned sales representatives highly engaged and enthusiastic. His homework was obvious! Chip's message of holding ones self accountable to great results versus just good, and remembering that those things that are simple to do, are just as simple to not do, resonated with our sales team. I continue to hear Chip's comments creeping into our sales teams vocabulary, which clearly indicates a sticky presentation. We have had some very ‘good speakers’ in the past. Experiencing Chip showed us how wide the gap is to a truly GREAT speaker like him!”


Chuck Meath

Sr VP Retail Sales & Marketing

Jennie-O Turkey Store

“Chip brought an amazing level of energy and buzz to our Sales Kick Off Meeting that was essential to closing our event and giving our team a clear call to action. Chip’s desire to provide content that was meaningful to our team was obvious from all his interviews with sales leaders. The Board Break Experience was met with rave reviews – what a picture! Participants loved having the opportunity to take what Chip said and then apply it with an action that was both fun and unforgettable. Many said that, “Chip was best speaker we have ever had!” His follow-up communications to the team show that he has a true desire to impact people in a positive way and to provide continuing guidance.


Kathy Wilkes

Corporate Marketing

Blackbaud Inc.

“Chip was highly energetic and engaging and was a huge hit with the attendees at our Leadership Offsite. He did plenty of research to tune his presentation to our company’s current needs and really motivated the team. We have some great tools to drive engagement and lead our teams through challenging times.”


Laurie Mann, CIO

Greg Sly, VP of Operations



“Your message fell the like a much needed rain on the dry soil and it began to produce the results before you even concluded the presentation. You put in the time to learn about our company and our team. You hit all the essential messages and addressed them in the manner that resonated with the team. The team responded in the way that they did because they believed you were well informed of our issues – they perceived you as being one of us, not a person from the outside hired to speak at us. YOU #%&* NAILED IT!”


Victor Rossin

Global Director, Medical GBU

Velcro USA


“Chip came highly recommended for our Franchise Convention and did not disappoint! His energy is contagious and it helped to set the tone for our conference.  Many speakers throw out a few of the company buzz words, but rarely does a speaker make you feel like he has been a part of your company for years. Hiring Chip is a Win- Win, a win for you as a meeting planner and a win for your attendees!


Katherine Meariman

Smoothie King

Director, Training


“Chip was a fantastic choice for our opening keynote speaker at the National Association of Dental Laboratories Vision 21 Meeting! He took the time to meet with staff and leaders in advance to learn about our industry and provide real world examples and solutions in his presentation. Our attendees loved it the energy, interaction and the Own It message! They walked away excited about the rest of our conference and with materials and information to take back to their organizations.”


Rachel Luoma, MS, CAE Chief Staff Executive

Jill Jackson, Senior Meeting Planner

National Association of Dental Laboratories


“When the CEO approaches the VP of Sales and says ‘You really hit the mark with this speaker and his message’ - you know you picked the “right man”.   Thanks for getting our meeting off and switched on for our upcoming sales season.  Chip, you did the research, key interviews and came to our meeting with the message our sales team needed to hear.  Your pre work was ‘spot-on’ and the handout during the session was a great way to get the most energy and attention for that session.  It worked great!


Mike Parker

VP of Sales, Balfour


"Your presentation was uplifting, entertaining and gave

tactical advice our sales team will use. The Board Break Experience truly was an amazing way to end the morning and get our team to commit to their 2016 goals. You would be a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind speaker. Your ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift!"


Terry Babilla

President, BSN Sports


“Chip’s “Get Switched On” presentation was well prepared, tapered to our company culture and delivered with extreme passion and enthusiasm. It was new, refreshing and gave us actionable ideas the store managers can use immediately - especially the Morning Huddle. The Breaking Barriers experience was unforgettable. You reenergized our team and reawakened their passion to life and their job.”


Fred Hewitt -Performance & development Manager

Jane Blain Gilbertson - Owner/Vice President

Blain's Farm & Fleet



"You made our annual Leadership Meeting a memorable experience. We now know why other M & T regions have used you before. You spoke our language in your talk and your preparation showed. The Board Break Experience was the perfect way to end the day with energy and commitment. I can't thank you enough for making a difference. The topics you covered in your talk will be referenced many times throughout the coming year. We believe that following your philosophies and approaches to our challenges and opportunities will help us have a successful year. It's amazing to see the transformation....magical is the perfect word."


Steve Heine

Senior Vice President

M & T Bank

"Chip was the closing speaker at our National Sales Meeting and we were thoroughly impressed with his capabilities. Chip spent quality time with our team learning about our company core values, gaining a better understanding of PCLS and cultivating his presentation to fit our group. He motivated, engaged and inspired our group to be more personally accountable through his dynamic and infectious presentation. He definitely got our sales team “Switched On” and ready to commit to excellence in their personal and professional lives.  I have received nothing but positive feedback from our team and it was the highlight of the meeting.”


Rick Chitty

VP of Sales

PCLS - Physicians Choice Lab Services

“You will never work with a speaker who can intertwine your business within their presentation the way Chip does. Most speakers are a “rental”, Chip was a partner! He opened with “Get Switched On” which motivated our entire franchise system, gave them tactical advice and got them pumped up for the conference.  He also closed the conference and tied everything together with the Board Break Experience! They left the conference saying they needed this and are “switched on” again and excited to go home and take everything they learned and put it into practice. If you want a speaker who will pump up your team, and educate them about taking responsibility for their success, then I highly recommend Chip Eichelberger.”


Michael Newman

Founder, President & CEO

Always Best Care® Senior Services

• Excellent. Very positive Work and Life Balance messaging. I was very happy with the program, interactive and FUN.


• I thought Chip was great, energetic and made me want to try harder in all aspects of life!


• Best we have had in years! He was interactive which helped keep us going after a long morning. He related to us - his energy was contagious!


“I wanted to share these terrific feedback results with you. Thanks again for your partnership in making this a great event.”



Larry Croes, Vice President of Sales - Caroline Jackson, Training BCBSM

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

“From the beginning Chip displayed the utmost in professionalism:  spending time with us to understand our conference message and theme, interviewing select employees to better understand our company, and giving us excellent advice on room layout, lighting and seating arrangements.  His message was full of energy and passion, and he inspired our folks to commit to excellence in both their personal and professional lives. You made me look like a genius for finding you.


Wes Lowder, P.E. Vice President Quality Improvement  Director

S&ME Engineering Integrity


“Chip hit it out of the park! He was extremely thorough - from his preparation to learn our culture, to his passionate & interactive delivery to his detailed follow up. Chip engaged our group in every way possible and defied us all to reach higher both in our business and personal lives. His “Switched On” message was a perfect fit for our distributors and our theme of “Let’s Think Bigger”. Chip not only set the tone for the meeting but he delivered a lasting challenge that resonated with everyone!”


Ross Tripp Vice President, Sales

Phantom Screens

“Chip brings contagious energy and a compelling message that was customized for and targeted to his audience. We used Chip to kick off our annual sales meeting, and the response was great! We got Switched On and ready for a busy selling season!”



Janet S. Toole - Director, Medicare Broker Sales

Independence Blue Cross

"Listening to Chip and the messages he delivers with enthusiasm and passion it is a sobering reminder of how important personal accountability is.  You can't help but to want to dig deep and feel the emotional satisfaction of improvement with an outcome of even greater personal and professional accomplishments. I have received so much positive feedback on both presentations to our team and our dealers!



Lori Bernt - Director of Marketing


“Chip helped get our team motivated and Switched On. He was enthusiastic and had high energy the entire time he spoke to our sales force. I was impressed by his thorough research of our company upfront. He set the tone for our meeting of “Own It” and how we each need to be accountable for our own results or go back into our studios for improvement. Chip’s messages were themes that we can take  back into our lives both professionally and personally. Chip helped energize our sales team and reminded us that we can and we will prevail.”



Jim Sterbenz - VP Sales

Campbell Soup Company, US Retail


"Chip set the tone about attitude, enthusiasm, challenging yourself and putting yourself in position to win. He did a phenomenal job putting together a interactive presentation effectively customized for your annual MGoBlue Day. The Board Break was great to show what is possible when you encounter difficulty and fear and still breakthrough. Chip is as good as anyone I have ever seen, call me if you want to hear more."



Dave Brandon - Former Athletic Director - Current CEO Toys “R” US

University of Michigan

"We hired Chip as the closing keynote to our semi-annual Professional Services meeting and he did an awesome job!  Chip did his homework, he talked to some of our employees prior to the event and researched our industry to ensure that his presentation was spot on.  His energy and excitement were contagious.  It was an amazing ending to our meeting."


Wilhelmina (Willie) Miller, PMP - Director, PSO Project Management

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

“Chip had a phenomenal impact on HHHunt in four cities on successive days. By promoting a sense of personal responsibility for us to become better as individuals, he has enabled us to develop into an even more exceptional team. His message of getting "switched on" has created an energy toward change will have a lasting, positive impact on both our people and our customers. You can be confident in choosing Chip to ignite your organization.”


Daniel T. Schmitt & Buck Hunt - President and CEO

HHHunt Corporation

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