The sales conference themes you choose as a meeting planner can make or break your event. You want to avoid corny and make sure it really resonates. This is your once-a-year chance to inspire and motivate your people to consistently bring their “A Game” and more. The right business conference themes set the tone for the next 12 months, which is why choosing well is essential for your company’s success. Will they remember and rally around the theme when they leave?


Get your team on board for a breakthrough year with a great sales meeting theme that clearly communicates your vision and provides a strong call-to-action. Next, find creative ways to reinforce that message in every aspect of the conference from the logo, PPT template, ad specialty items, banners, food, décor and keynotes, to the reception, printed materials and incentives and awards.


Chip helps meeting planners look good with a surefire successful program. He works with you in the early stages of putting events together which allows him to customize the program, reflect your current business situation, address company issues, and deepen the learning regarding your message. He’ll encourage your team to consistently strive for personal and professional excellence. Chip will challenge your middle tier performers to step up their games and motivate your superstars to get clear on what is next.


Take your team on a journey to honestly assess where they currently are versus where they want to be. Chip’s highly-interactive, engaging program can impact sales, but also every area of life including parenthood, health and vitality, personal relationships, personal growth and more. Imagine what could happen if your team approached everything with this same level of enthusiasm and positive energy!


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After 20 years in the business, Chip has compiled a list of proven sales conference themes which are available as a downloadable pdf file. Whether you are looking for creative Motivational Meeting Themes or empowering Leadership Conference Themes, Chip’s topics work or spur you on to develop your own impactful program, ensuring your convention’s success. Get your team “Switched On!” to achieve goals and deliver high revenue month after month.

Sales Conference Themes Transform

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Raving Fans

"We hired Chip as the closing keynote to our semi-annual Professional Services meeting and he did an awesome job!  Chip did his homework, he talked to some of our employees prior to the event and researched our industry to ensure that his presentation was spot on.  His energy and excitement were contagious.  It was an amazing ending to our meeting."


Wilhelmina (Willie) Miller, PMP - Director, PSO Project Management

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Chip Infuses the Room with Contagious Energy to Inspire Change


Hire Chip for Your Next Conference or Meeting


In the past 20 years, Chip has presented over 1,000 customized programs with rave reviews. Having worked as Tony Robbins’ international point man, his masterful mix of motivational, entertaining and practical content will ignite your team into action. He’ll challenge your group to assess current practices, see new possibilities and strive for higher levels of performance on a continual basis.


Chip’s highly engaging, interactive workshop-style programs leave a lasting impression versus the usual one-way keynote. His unstoppable enthusiasm is perfect to kick-off your meeting or provide a memorable finale.


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