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Chip EichelbergerWhat now? How do we keep your team ​ENGAGED​ and PRODUCTIVE​ in today’s volatile environment? Chip has excelled, survived and served his clients for 24 years for a reason. He is a ​business first responder​ when times get tough! He helped clients post 9/11 and the Great Recession. Chip is uniquely qualified to coach your teams on how to navigate through a crisis and ​come out the other side stronger​.


He has adapted his programs to serve business exactly where they are now. ​Time is of the essence​! ​Investing in your team to be at their best is more important than ever​.


Many may be ​WFH​ (Working From Home) and could feel ​uncertain​, ​discouraged​ and they need a boos​t! Chip’s programs will provide ​energy​, ​connection​, ​encouragement and tangible ‘how to’ ​strategies​ to move forward.


There are many terrific speakers who can perform well on stage. If you are planning a virtual event - ​that is a different animal.


As a graduate from the University of Oregon (#GoDucks), he started his career with Portland based Jantzen Sportswear. After four award-winning years as a sales rep he moved on to work with world-renowned business leader ​Tony Robbins for 5.5 years. As Robbins’ international point-man, he built the brand in Australia and the United Kingdom.

I have witnessed countless business & motivational speakers over my career of 34 years.  Chip Eichelberger is flat-out top of the charts for his ability to connect and interact with his audience to generate positive change. His prep work and customization before the event with these ELITE award winners was spot on.”


Randy Waddell

SVP Sales & Marketing


Raving Fans

Tony Robbins

"Chip is a friend, an excellent communicator, and a man committed to constant and never-ending improvement. His experience, energy and engagement will make a difference for any company."


Anthony Robbins

Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist

While earning accolades such as ​Sales Leader of the Year​ each year on the road was a professional triumph, it was in the ​building of teams​ and ​training​ that helped him realize his passion for motivating people to be their best. ​This experience ​‘sharpened his axe’ and cultivated a unique style and philosophy.


For over 24 years he has been selected by leaders just like you​ to ​SWITCH ON​ over 1,000 events for companies and associations including Apple, Hyatt, RE/MAX, GM, DOW, TD Bank, GSK, State Farm and Ameriprise.​ ​Check out over 100 Testimonials here​.


As ​THE​ ​ENERGY SOURCE ​for your live or virtual event, Chip brings a ​contagious level of energy​ as well as results that last well beyond the program. Chip not only makes meeting planners look good, but he will be an indispensable partner for your successful event!


Because ​customization​ is essential, he will do ALL the ​homework and interviews necessary. Chip firmly believes it is essential to get buy-in from the participants which is why he always conducts extensive background research.


Uncertainty, fear and a victim mentality are prevalent​. You want your employees optimistic, resilient and more focused than ever to serve clients with a “Switched On” attitude. ​Waiting is not a strategy right now.​ ​Your team deserves programs that inspire them to persevere in spite of the current obstacles​.


Chip delivers ​actionable customized content​ to ‘Switch On’ their #1 asset, vision, mindset, belief and the daily habits and strategies to perform at their best in the face of adversity.

The gap between good and great performance is bigger than you think. To get your team to go the extra mile and consistently​ bring their “A Game” ​Chip will help them re-evaluate their current vision, tactics and mindset..Your people will know their next steps and feel more motivated than ever to make it happen. ​He does NOT do a speech! ​It is an ​interactive experience​ that will have “legs.”

“If you look up the word “ Energize “ in the dictionary you will likely find a picture of Chip Eichelberger. You challenged our 100 key leaders to reevaluate and get recharged on the important things in life. You took the time to do interviews and integrate those findings into practical content they will use immediately in their lives and driving sales growth. We believe in the personal development of our associates and hired you to Switch On all of our associates in 39 divisions in 2020/2021!"


Jon Jaffe


Lennar Homes

Outstanding Achievements


Ranked as a Top 5 Speaker by three years in a row, Chip was also awarded the esteemed Certified Speaking Professional designation, held by only 7% of National Speakers Association members. He was chosen as the closing speaker for his NSA peers at the prestigious CSP/CPAE Summit.

Chip Eichelberger Books

Get Fired Up with Chip’s Books, Audios and Videos

Chip has a number of audio and video products including Get Switched On! and Gaining the Edge. He co-authored 10 Secrets of Marketing Success: How to Jump-Start Your Marketing and his new book with Jeff Davidson - The Smart Guide to Accomplishing Your Goals.

Chip lives in Knoxville, TN, is married to Miryana and the proud father of Madison, Davis and Lucas. He’s an avid golfer, caddie for his sons, fan in the stands, as well as a voracious reader who also enjoys dancing.

Chip with Wife


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