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Everyone in life has goals. Whether your goals are well set, well defined, and within reach, or hazy, and miles away, they exist. The focus of The SMART Guide to Accomplishing Your Goals is to help you DESIGN YOUR LIFE instead of simply surviving.

This book focuses on effective techniques for setting and reaching your goals. It will help you program - or REPROGRAM - you for personal and professional success. 290 pages full of actionable strategies you can use now. We do not come with an owner's manual. For many, this book has been a key resource to their success.

You also receive THINK, written in 1918 by Col. Wm. Hunter was a best seller and for most long forgotten...until now. The predictions he made about current trends and how they will play out in the future are amazing to read. I recommend you read this book for 15 minutes each night, NOT all at once. Savor it! It is that good.


Chapter 1 - Goals and Wishes
Chapter 2 - New Year’s Resolutions
Chapter 3 - Opportune Times to Set Goals
Chapter 4 - The Basic Goal Categories


Chapter 5 - Mind Over Matter
Chapter 6 - Let’s Get Physical
Chapter 7 - Goals for Family Life
Chapter 8 - Your Social Life
Chapter 9 - The Spirit In You
Chapter 10 - You and Your Career
Chapter 11 - Your Financial Life


Chapter 12 - Personalizing Your Goals
Chapter 13 - It’s All in the Wording
Chapter 14 - Documenting Your Goals
Chapter 15 - The Importance of Time Lines
Chapter 16 - Gotta Have a Challenge


Chapter 17 - Contracting with Yourself
Chapter 18 - All About Deadlines
Chapter 19 - Visualization Techniques
Chapter 20 Affiliations and Your Goals
Chapter 21 - Steering Clear of Barriers


Chapter 22 - The Tom Sawyer Effect - Enlisting Help from Others
Chapter 23 - Accomplishing Two Goals with One Stone
Chapter 24 - Upping the Ante
Get Switched On - How to Reevaluate, Recharge, and Realize Your Full Potential - 138 minutes - with the all handouts to make it interactive and of massive value. This is Chip's keynote program that you receive streaming access to. My agreement with the company was I get 100 access codes for my fans and that is it! For only $39 you get access for yourself, your family or people at your company.

The ability to ‘Get Switched On’ and be at your best consistently is essential to compete and excel in todays marketplace. This high-energy, interactive session challenges everyone to acknowledge the difference between good and GREAT. This is an interactive experience, not a speech!

They will reevaluate their long team vision, game plan, mindset and what is really important. Chip challenges people to take a hard look at their attitude and current results. This program will get you plugged back in and switched on!  How can you be a catalyst and bring your “A Game” consistently to perform at your best. When it is “show time” you need to be “show ready.”

Getting switched on is about energy and impact. The goal for the session is to have each person pursue their work and life with renewed tenacity and contagious energy.  This is NOT a speech. This is an interactive, high-energy, challenging experience that will get you involved and engaged.

Get “Switched On!” Addresses these Performance Concerns

• Why early detection is essential to reverse failure

• What is truly important to reach peak performance

• What the key is to achieve long term success and balance

• How to close the gap between where you are and where you can be

• Why your current vision dictates your efforts and results

• What brutal facts need to be faced and the action to take now

• How you can be at your best consistently with motivation at work  and home

• How to clarify a new vision and pursue it with rampant enthusiasm
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