Speaking Testimonials

"I was SHOCKED by the amount of energy Chip was able to instill in our group of manufacturers reps." You delivered on your brand promise: you ARE the energy source!”

Anita Samatas
MR Program Manager
Motorola Solutions
"This was our first LIVE meeting in 18 months and it was crucial we gave this team something special. My SVP of WW Sales was skeptical when I told him I wanted to bring a "motivational speaker" to our Americas QBR. Chip did a fantastic job for our event. He opened AND closed the main day and the message and energy was electric. He obviously did his homework and pre-event interviews. Afterwards my skeptical SVP told me "Chip was amazing!."

Barry Flanigan
VP Americas & APAC Sales
"Thanks for the amazing virtual presentation to open our SKO. Fantastic job. This is my 24th National Sales Meeting with this organization. I was part of picking the motivational sales speakers on the last 10. I can honestly say, that was the best presentation we have ever had. The feedback from our team on the chat during and after was extremely positive. Even the cynics were engaged, which is always the toughest crowd. Well done and thanks for your energy and hard work. I look forward to the closing!"

Dan Gense
Specialty Products Manager
Philips Healthcare
“If you look up the word “Energize“ in the dictionary you will likely find a picture of Chip Eichelberger. You challenged our 100 key leaders to reevaluate and get recharged on the important things in life. You took the time to do interviews and integrate those findings into practical content they will use immediately in their lives and driving sales growth. We believe in the personal development of our associates and hired you to Switch On all of our associates in 39 divisions."

Jon Jaffe
Lennar Homes

"Chip is a friend, an excellent communicator, and a man committed to constant and never-ending improvement. His experience, energy and engagement will make a difference for any company."

Anthony Robbins
• Sales Person of the Year each year on the road
• International point man UK and Australia
• Over 1300 presentations promoting TR programs
“Thank you so much for two amazing events!! You truly resonated with our reseller audience and our team. The response surveys from the event were so positive. You really got them thinking differently and motivated them to make some serious changes about life, the way they handle referrals and documenting their success. They rated you a 5 out of 5 and one attendee decided to write in their own number and gave you a 27!! We really loved having you at these events to speak to our partners and love how involved, prepared and engaged you were.”

Heather Grofik
Marketing Account Manager
Ingram Micro

“Chip promised an EXPERIENCE, not a speech and he delivered. This was a massive game changer compared to other "speakers" over the last 20 years. Because he did his homework and interviews in advance and USED that in customizing his talk for our IN IT TO WIN IT theme, the audience quickly felt like he was one of us! The energy and impact and closing board break experience is hard to describe unless you were there. This activity was the perfect way to end the day and get them committed to their plan for the year.  We just launched the first video in the 37-video series Chip included to drive his message home. That is a massive value added!”

Jeff Lohser
Northern Haserot
Vice President of Sales

Your opening and closing sessions energized the team and brought the energy and message you promised. You did your homework and tied nicely to our Reconnect, Recharge, Refocus theme and resonated with everyone. It was exactly what we needed coming out of a difficult few years. The Breaking Barriers closing session was incredible and perfect for our team to go back highly focused and energized. They will talk about it for years!

Val Sigmon
President of Entrematic,
Amarr Garage Door Company
''Right from the beginning, Chip had a keen interest to learn about our business and our challenges. His research around our culture and business was through and on the spot. His style, content and delivery were impeccable.  He always had the ‘Pulse’ of the audience during the session. I must say, his enthusiasm and the positive energy that he brings to the environment is highly contagious. If you are looking to energize your team and help them start OWNING their career path and deliverables – Then you came to a RIGHT place.

Harsh Darodkar
Associate Director
Alexion AstraZeneca Rare Disease Unit
“I appreciated the pre-work and interviews you did and how you customized the material. The “talk” had value because you were using our scenarios and problems.  You stuck to our pregame strategies and respected our time by being on time. The Breaking Barriers session was an amazing way to send everyone home with belief and certainty.”

Kirk Gunhus
Senior Vice President of Global Sales
“After a two-year hiatus at our most important event of the year, we knew that we needed someone that would take the time to understand our goals, keep our attendees engage and excited, and send them off inspired. I had used Chip before and knew he would deliver. He took the time to learn about our industry, provide us with lead-up materials, and keep our excellent post event videos. He surpassed our goals and “bookended” our event with amazing opening and closing sessions. He left our attendees wanting more, inspired to break through any barrier in front of them in the year ahead!”

Matt Bruno
Executive Vice President
NPTA – National Paper Trade Association
"We invited Chip to close our first in person national sales meeting since the pandemic. His energy was contagious as he took the team through both personal and professional growth opportunities. His presentation was insightful and he shared great stories from his own life and experiences. His all-encompassing message around health, wellness and the connection to energy and how we can get "Switched On" to perform at our best, created a compelling vision. Chip provides an engaging perspective and delivers an impactful message with both warmth and humor."

Ben Wexler
Custom Culinary
“Chip the feedback from your opening Get Switched On! session has been fantastic! The content was meaningful and your energy is truly contagious. You truly ‘switched on’ our meeting. You had a lasting impact on our leaders and their teams both professionally and personally. You are our highest ranked speaker ever.”

David LeBlanc, President
Kay Whitmore, VP HR
Acadia Insurance
I have witnessed countless business & motivational speakers over my career of 34 years.  Chip Eichelberger is flat-out top of the charts for his ability to connect and interact with his audience to generate positive change. His prep work and customization before the event with these ELITE award winners was spot on.”

Randy Waddell
SVP Sales & Marketing
“I've received a ton of positive feedback about your closing presentation. Attendees were really connected with the real life examples that you shared, and I can't tell you how much everyone appreciated you making examples industry specific. Your presentation was interesting, funny, and engaging - and it's always wonderful to overhear conversations in the days following where attendees are talking about ideas and applications from your presentation. Well done!”

Tracy Ikert, Gary Elekes, Andrew Allen
iMarket Solutions
“Chip was our keynote speaker for our Sales Kick Off.  He was amazing!  In fact, he was so great that when Covid-19 happened we reached out to Chip. He customized two virtual programs (Stay Switched On and Moving the Business Forward) and put it all together in less than a week. Chip took their focus from the fears of Covid-19 and the business interruption to positive ways to WIN in these stressful times. Chip is a difference maker for i3 Verticals.”

Diana Day-Cartee
Head of Marketing
i3 Verticals
Chip brings the perfect combination of experience, passion, and enthusiasm to any room he enters. Any group of professionals will benefit from his advice and guidance. We look forward to bringing him back for a more in-depth session later this year. The summary of survey results showed 85% favorable which was very high relative to other sessions. He is a dynamic speaker and a genuine way of connecting with his audience.”

Dave Breslin
Senior Vice President
First Republic Private Wealth Management
"Thanks so much for being a part of the James Hardie Contractor Summit. Your message of Getting Switched On and focusing on personal improvement was perfect for our audience. The energy in the room was awesome. Our 400 customers and James Hardie employees left the session excited about having a better plan to be more effective selling in the home with testimonials and at helping turn their customers into their sales people. I highly recommend Chip and his message to anyone looking to take their people and organizational results to the next level.”

Jeff Kemerley
Director Repair & Remodel
James Hardie
“The Cigna Medicare sales team is being asked to deliver growth at an unprecedented rate – as we approached our most important selling season, we engaged with a truly proven motivational speaker to close out a three-day team conference. Chip’s engagement was truly a HOME RUN! His interactive style, combined with intense passion, energy and presentation skills, delivered a powerful message for our sales team to end on as high a note as possible. Feedback has been amazing, and we’re counting on Chip’s lessons to make this our most successful selling year ever!”

Dave Wolff
Growth Officer
Cigna Medicare
We chose Chip for our Annual Leadership Conference and his "Getting Switched On" session hit a homerun! His motivation and high-energy style was infectious. His customized handouts and style did a wonderful job of engaging our entire team. He encouraged participants to step outside of their comfort zones, to examine every aspect of their lives and to set the process in motion for improvement; not just words on a paper, but true commitment to impact positivity in every aspect of life.  We are now three weeks post conference and our team is still highly energized and continuously talking about this session and Chip's impact on our organization. SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!!!

Jeff Fischer
MBK Senior Living
"Chip brought together the right ingredients to help us close out our Business Partner Summit, scoring strong approval from our attendees (90+ percentile ranking). In addition to his natural energy and enthusiasm, Chip incorporates a “life coach” style of delivery for setting personal/professional goals and a renewed perspective when facing challenges. If you are looking to keep your guests engaged and in motion, I recommend that you consider Chip for your next event.”

Managing Director
Ardenton Capital Corporation
“You invested the time to understand the culture of our organization prior to the meeting and the objective of the day to make your message impactful, personally and professionally. Taking the time to come in the day before and visit 3 stores and interview other leaders exceeded expectations. You kept the session full of energy with a good mix of content and humor. You've inspired everyone to not only be better bankers and leaders, but to be their BEST self always! Including me.“

Andrew H. Bregenzer
Metro NY Regional President
TD Bank

Chip really energized our customers and you were a pleasure to work with. He was out in the crowd encouraging people to the front of the room and working with our team ahead of show to ensure this was a tailored presentation to these independent pharmacists. Thanks again your pre and post-show engagement. The videos were effective.

Kevin P. Welch
Chief Technology Officer and President
Smith Technologies
“You had a difficult task because of some recent challenges we are facing. So many or our sales team told me your high-energy interactive program was the best experience they had encountered. Gabriel our President most especially was so appreciative you turned what could have been a very negative sales conference into a fully engaged sales team! The picture from the Board Break Experience shows the energy and certainty we have as go into what will most certainly be a challenging year ahead.”

Kiity Spence
Marketing Communications Manager
Forbo Movement Systems
“Chip brings an informative, funny, high-energy presentation that really connected with our association members and really kicked-off our event in an amazing way. The audience was engaged from start to finish. Usually, when I see keynote speakers, people begin checking their phones halfway through the presentation - not during Chip’s talk! Everyone was focused front and center! His interactive handouts were not only great to keep everyone engaged and focused, but they served as a great takeaway for some simple action items to implement immediately!”

Shelby Ricketts
President of GFA - Gasket Fabricators Association
CEO of Concote Corporation
“Chip is full of contagious enthusiasm and did a fantastic job of incorporating our conference theme into his message. Our clients and prospects lauded his unique perspective on accountability, commitment and Getting Switched On. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to add energy and entertainment to their event.”

Manny Marques, CPC, QPA, QPFC, AIF®
EPIC Retirement Plan Services
"Chip’s “Get Switched On” program was an essential component to making our Winter Conference an overwhelming success. Chip rated “Excellent” amongst our attendees in the conference satisfaction survey. Many commented on Chip’s passion and energy and the indelible impression changing and maintaining a positive mindset. Chip’s influence resonated with attendees commenting that "a streak starts with one" and it’s important to invest in our #1 Asset - ourselves - our health, our attitude, our fitness and our knowledge. The Breaking Barriers session was the perfect way to end the conference and send everyone out the door charging! Our experience with Chip was so positive that we will be booking him for our sister organization soon.”

Jeff Price/Martin Myers
GM/Marketing and Communications Coordinator
“Chip was fantastic! He helped set the tone for our corporate sales meeting and had people talking about his ideas for three days. The handout and workshop style format is incredible! He was able to connect with everyone and had us all thinking about improving as people and living richer, more fulfilling lives…not just at increase sales. This session was a game changer for many people.”

Bryan Shinn
President and Chief Executive Officer
U.S. Silica
“Chip was a dynamic speaker that truly engaged our 3800 Consultants at our 25th international convention. Pitbull set the bar high at our party the night before. You provided customized, actionable content that taught our sales force how to maximize their performance and move from good to great.”  

Cheryl Force
Sr. Vice President of Sales & Training
Pure Romance
"Chip Eichelberger exudes positive energy! He provides motivating and actionable content that encourages the audience to take accountability for their own success and re-evaluate their vision, tactics and mindset in order to be the best version of themselves. Concluding with breaking boards was an empowering activity that served as a highlight for the conference attendees!"

Tammi Heaton
Chief Operating Officer
“Chip did a fantastic job helping our global sales and delivery teams put things in perspective about what to focus on to be the best they can be.  He provided us all with a much-needed plan for how we stay balanced, invest in our health and well-being, and remain motivated and charged up, ultimately leading to success both personally and professionally. You did your homework and it showed. I loved that your presentation was focused on both life inside and outside of work!”

Kim Eaton
Chief Executive Officer
“We brought Chip in to inspire staff at every level to own their own career.  We had secretaries and vice presidents in the audience of 376, new employees and those ready to retire, and everyone in between. It was NOT a speech. Chip's presentation style and interactive handouts engaged even the most reluctant attendees!  He provided simple and straightforward advice for how to gain control over your own life, health and happiness. It wasn't only theory but real life examples with which we could relate. It was very clear that we have to own our own attitude before trying to impact our career.  He was motivating and inspiring without being sappy.  We all left with a determination to actually do something and put his follow-up plan into action!”

Debra E Gmerek, PhD
Global Biometrics Team Leader for Etrolizumab and Lebrikizumab
"Chip Eichelberger’s “Get Switched On” opening keynote for the NAB Small Market Television Exchange (SMTE) was outstanding. His presentation was engaging and interactive and peppered with just the right amount of humor. He took the time to research the concerns of our industry and conducted interviews with key constituents to be sure his message would resonate for our attendees. And it did… his message was spot-on. Chip set the perfect tone for our conference and attendees gave rave him reviews. Plus, he was great to work with! We booked Chip AGAIN to close our event this time with the Board Break Experience and it was amazing. The picture says it all!"

Anne Frenette
Vice President,Television Operations
National Association of Broadcasters

“Thank you so much for two amazing events!! You truly resonated with our reseller audience and our team. The response surveys from the event were so positive. You really got them thinking differently and motivated them to make some serious changes about life, the way they handle referrals and documenting their success. They rated you a 5 out of 5 and one attendee decided to write in their own number and gave you a 27!! We really loved having you at these events to speak to our partners and love how involved, prepared and engaged you were.”

Heather Grofik
Marketing Account Manager
Ingram Micro

Ron Lawrence
Channel Account Manager

“Chip far exceeded our expectations when he opened day one AND closed day two at our National Sales Conference! Our audience has a wide range of attendees from mortgage originators (sales), their leaders and corporate executives. Chip’s preparation leading up to the conference significantly increased his impact as his content was engaging, entertaining, filled with energy and relevant to our audience. The closing Board Break Experience was a great way to send people back into their markets energized and fired up. The picture says it all. When Chip got off stage the AV producer told Chip, ‘You blew last years speaker off the stage.’ We had to agree.”

Kevin Stitt (Current Governor of Oklahoma)
CEO & Vice President
Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC
“Chip’s talk was exactly what we needed to kick start the main day at the event and we have had terrific feedback from our people. He was a very engaging and high-energy presenter who did a phenomenal job at engaging the audience in a way that I have never seen a speaker do. The customized interactive handouts and audience participation made the level of engagement sky high. He also gave each person a DECISION card to write down personalized goals and internalize the ideas presented. This was very effective and there was not one disengaged apathetic person in the crowd of 600! Chip took the time to call and interview many of our executives before the conference. This showed to me a very high level of professionalism and attention to detail. He used key quotes from our executives as an integral part of his presentation and they fit just right. The audience could clearly tell Chip had taken the time to learn about Dover, our culture and cared about us and his credibility was very high as a result. His message of building the individual who then builds the company is at the core of being the best. I would highly recommend Chip as a speaker at your event, he is a consummate professional and a joy to listen to.  Amy and the team at BigSpeak! were a great partner and made me look great for choosing Chip! Your conference is sure to get “Switched On’ with Chip in your midst!”

Maneesh Bhatnagar
Dir. Continuous Improvement and Quality
Dover Corporation
“Thank you for your hard work, preparation, and collaboration prior to your amazing presentation. You for took the time to learn about our company, franchise, people and culture. You were a big hit and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. You truly helped us set the stage for what will be a challenging yet exciting year. I have no doubt that this will be the first of many presentations to Genentech. Be proud.”

Brian Reardon
SR Training Manager CT&D
Genetech LGI
“My experience was wonderful! I especially appreciated the time you took to prepare for the event and that you reached out to some of our Sales Team to strengthen the conversation. They said you felt more "real" and "genuine" than past speakers and were very good at getting the entire crowd engaged.  We continue to refer back to "A streaks starts with one."  Also "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly."  They specifically resonate with our weekly sales role play practice. The videos on-line were a good representation to what we would get.  It's hard to pick someone you've never met, and have them impact your entire sales organization.  Your videos gave me great insight into who you are as a presenter and I felt like I got what I signed up for.  Out of everything, this really defines a good experience to me. Thank you again for your time, energy, and commitment to be exceptional at what you do.  You're a true professional.”  

Elizabeth Breitenstein
Director of Sales
Fischer Homes

“Every year we search for a speaker that can motivate, educate and entertain our 150 managers. We actually used his Breaking Barriers program as the theme for our meeting. Chip’s morning and afternoon presentations excelled in all three areas!He also added a new dimension of physical activity with the Breaking Barriers - Board Break Experience. Using Chip to ‘bookend’ the day was a great suggestion. Since we had the Get Switched On seminar, I have traveled around our company and visited with many managers and they shared with me the barriers that they broke at the meeting from health changes, being more physically active, enhancing their daily business and sales routines to improving their marriages. The energy in that post Breaking Barriers pictures says it all!”

Pat Reed
Sr. Vice President Sales and Field Marketing
Admiral Beverage Corporation

“We just had Chip for the second time to speak to our leadership team. He brings a high level of energy and a unique approach to drive positive change in your daily life.  His energy and engagement is beyond anything you will experience! You will learn to self-reflect, identify challenges and make the necessary decisions to achieve your personal and professional goals.  Chip will not only motivate you, he will equip you with the tools to make you successful.”

John Cross
NS BlueScope Coated Products - North America
“On behalf of the leadership team, I would like to express our profound gratitude for your presentation at our national business meeting. Your presentation was interactive, high-octane, and deeply moving. In our post meeting survey, employees have expressed that they were inspired to make a switch from ‘doing things good to doing things great’ in different facets of their lives. The workshop material and book are a wonderful investment that will yield a harvest. This is the second time we have partnered with you and we are already looking at other events.”

Patricia Walden
Sr. Marketing Manager
“Chip brought an amazing level of energy and buzz to our Sales Kick Off Meeting that was essential to closing our event and giving our team a clear call to action. Chip’s desire to provide content that was meaningful to our team was obvious from all his interviews with sales leaders. The Board Break Experience was met with rave reviews – what a picture! Participants loved having the opportunity to take what Chip said and then apply it with an action that was both fun and unforgettable. Many said that, “Chip was best speaker we have ever had!” His follow-up communications to the team show that he has a true desire to impact people in a positive way and to provide continuing guidance.

Kathy Wilkes
Corporate Marketing
Blackbaud Inc.
“Chip brought high energy, great interaction and customized message to our annual leadership conference. He put in the work to study our industry and our company. The result was a well-informed series of sessions focused on the issues and opportunities important to FutureCare. These struck just the perfect notes. Chip’s presentation has had a lasting impact on me personally, and on all who had the opportunity to attend our conference. He was definitely the best motivational speaker we’ve ever encountered. That picture of our team after the Board Break Experience says it all!”

Gary L. Attman
FutureCare Health and Management Corporation

"Chip ‘lit up the room’ as the closer to our annual national sales meeting. He had a group of very seasoned sales representatives highly engaged and enthusiastic. His homework was obvious! Chip's message of holding ones self accountable to great results versus just good, and remembering that those things that are simple to do, are just as simple to not do, resonated with our sales team. I continue to hear Chip's comments creeping into our sales teams vocabulary, which clearly indicates a sticky presentation. We have had some very ‘good speakers’ in the past. Experiencing Chip showed us how wide the gap is to a truly GREAT speaker like him!”

Chuck Meath
Sr VP Retail Sales & Marketing
Jennie-O Turkey Store
Chip was the best speaker we have had in the 9 years we have been doing this event. He was engaging, motivating and had a very strong message. His homework and audience interaction was a difference maker.“

Charlie Acevedo
Costa Farms
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
“Chip was able to connect with each and every member of our diverse faculty and staff at our first ever All-College Retreat; and he tailored his message to reflect some of the unique challenges we are facing in both higher education and healthcare. His high-energy was contagious, and his message resonated on so many levels. Everyone left feeling completely rejuvenated. I received nothing but positive feedback; and our faculty and staff were talking about the retreat for weeks afterward. All signs of a successful event – and we owe a large part of that to Chip.”

Dean Raymond A. Cohlmia, D.D.S.
University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry

Chip added the spark to our sales meeting that helped set the tone for the year. Our sales team left the meeting feeling motivated and SWITCHED ON! The interactive handouts he customized made the message stick. The follow-up videos Chip provides have allowed us to continue to drive this message throughout the year, and keep our team moving in the right direction. Great energy. Great message. We love Chip!”

Jenni Wittman
Marketing & Communications Specialist
Cope Plastics
“We engaged Chip as the opening speaker at our annual Sales Kick-Off meeting and he absolutely rocked the house and set an upbeat tone for the entire day.  We are facing market disruptions and increasing competition. His high-energy, interactive and inspiring messaging forced all of us to critically examine our current performance and left us with a recipe for how to start needed personal improvements. I was so impressed in the diligence and pre-planning research Chip dedicated to our session. My team was buzzing about Chip’s message and awesome delivery for the rest of the day. I couldn’t recommend Chip Eichelberger more highly!”

Chris Power
Regional Vice-President
“When I was looking for a guest speaker for our leadership meeting, I wanted to find someone who would energize my team and help them think a little differently. Chip delivered! He tailored his content to our needs and he even had people trying things outside of their comfort zones, like the Hula Hoop Race and breaking boards to commit to our goals. It created great energy for the rest of meeting. The feedback I received from the attendees was really positive and they are still talking about it – that is a sign of an impactful meeting.”

Sean Smith
“Chip was chosen as our closing speaker for both his message and to be THE energy source for our event. The biggest difference with Chip was his homework on our goals and objectives for the meeting and how he weaved it into his message. Our attendees were connected and related to everything he had to say. They were engaged, energized and committed to their own success as they left our International Sales Meeting. Mission accomplished!”

Ed Bradley
VP, Food Safety
“Chip Eichelberger got our group of healthcare professionals engaged, laughing, and invested in the experience through his high energy, positivity and humor. His message about getting switched on at work, at home and at play was inspiring and truly motivating. He did his homework to make this message relevant for these surgery center leaders. The handouts were amazing at keeping the group focused and making the message memorable. The Decision Card was a powerful way to move the audience to action. Most speakers “present”, you were a persuader!”

Claudette Downs
Program Coordinator
New Jersey Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers
“Chip was highly energetic and engaging and was a huge hit with the attendees at our Leadership Offsite. He did plenty of research to tune his presentation to our company’s current needs and really motivated the team. We have some great tools to drive engagement and lead our teams through challenging times.”

Laurie Mann, CIO
Greg Sly, VP of Operations
“Our goal was to find a speaker that would leave our employees feeling empowered and energized to make a difference every day both personally and professionally. I had heard Chip before and he did not disappoint! The energy among our team was off the charts after the finale of the Board Break and has remained so in the following week. Everyone has expressed their gratitude to work for a company who would invest in bringing in a speaker the quality of Chip. We could not be more pleased with the results!”

Donna Summers, CPM®
Senior Vice President
Gables Residential
"Chip took the time to get to know our team, the other presenters, and most importantly, our audience. This ensured his 4 presentations on the tour were both meaningful and motivational for our unique audience of over 1200 farm business owners.  He’s accommodating and professional in every interaction, and helpful in ensuring the audience is getting the very best of him and the entire program.  His use of clean humor is engaging and essential to the effective delivery of his “Get Switched On!” business and life message.  Excellent job Chip!"

Colleen Shaw, Loralee Orr
AdFarmOnLine/Dow AgroSciences
TechTour LIVE Event Manager
“Your message fell like a much needed rain on the dry soil and it began to produce the results before you even concluded the presentation. You put in the time to learn about our company and our team. You hit all the essential messages and addressed them in the manner that resonated with the team. The team responded in the way that they did because they believed you were well informed of our issues – they perceived you as being one of us, not a person from the outside hired to speak at us. YOU #%&* NAILED IT!”

Victor Rossin
Global Director, Medical GBU
Velcro USA
“Chip came highly recommended for our Franchise Convention and did not disappoint! His energy is contagious and it helped to set the tone for our conference.  Many speakers throw out a few of the company buzz words, but rarely does a speaker make you feel like he has been a part of your company for years. Hiring Chip is a Win- Win, a win for you as a meeting planner and a win for your attendees!

Katherine Meariman
Smoothie King
Director, Training
“Chip was a fantastic choice for our opening keynote speaker at the National Association of Dental Laboratories Vision 21 Meeting! He took the time to meet with staff and leaders in advance to learn about our industry and provide real world examples and solutions in his presentation. Our attendees loved it the energy, interaction and the Own It message! They walked away excited about the rest of our conference and with materials and information to take back to their organizations.”

Rachel Luoma, MS, CAE Chief Staff Executive
Jill Jackson, Senior Meeting Planner
National Association of Dental Laboratories
“When the CEO approaches the VP of Sales and says ‘You really hit the mark with this speaker and his message’ - you know you picked the “right man”.   Thanks for getting our meeting off and switched on for our upcoming sales season.  Chip, you did the research, key interviews and came to our meeting with the message our sales team needed to hear.  Your pre work was ‘spot-on’ and the handout during the session was a great way to get the most energy and attention for that session.  It worked great!

Mike Parker
VP of Sales, Balfour
"Your presentation was uplifting, entertaining and gavetactical advice our sales team will use. The Board Break Experience truly was an amazing way to end the morning and get our team to commit to their goals. You would be a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind speaker. Your ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift!"

Terry Babilla
President, BSN Sports
“Chip’s “Get Switched On” presentation was well prepared, tapered to our company culture and delivered with extreme passion and enthusiasm. It was new, refreshing and gave us actionable ideas the store managers can use immediately - especially the Morning Huddle. The Breaking Barriers experience was unforgettable. You reenergized our team and reawakened their passion to life and their job.”

Fred Hewitt -Performance & development Manager
Jane Blain Gilbertson - Owner/Vice President
Blain's Farm & Fleet
"You made our annual Leadership Meeting a memorable experience. We now know why other M & T regions have used you before. You spoke our language in your talk and your preparation showed. The Board Break Experience was the perfect way to end the day with energy and commitment. I can't thank you enough for making a difference. The topics you covered in your talk will be referenced many times throughout the coming year. We believe that following your philosophies and approaches to our challenges and opportunities will help us have a successful year. It's amazing to see the transformation....magical is the perfect word."

Steve Heine
Senior Vice President
M & T Bank
"Chip was the closing speaker at our National Sales Meeting and we were thoroughly impressed with his capabilities. Chip spent quality time with our team learning about our company core values, gaining a better understanding of PCLS and cultivating his presentation to fit our group. He motivated, engaged and inspired our group to be more personally accountable through his dynamic and infectious presentation. He definitely got our sales team “Switched On” and ready to commit to excellence in their personal and professional lives.  I have received nothing but positive feedback from our team and it was the highlight of the meeting.”

Rick Chitty
VP of Sales
PCLS - Physicians Choice Lab Services
“You will never work with a speaker who can intertwine your business within their presentation the way Chip does. Most speakers are a “rental”, Chip was a partner! He opened with “Get Switched On” which motivated our entire franchise system, gave them tactical advice and got them pumped up for the conference.  He also closed the conference and tied everything together with the Board Break Experience! They left the conference saying they needed this and are “switched on” again and excited to go home and take everything they learned and put it into practice. If you want a speaker who will pump up your team, and educate them about taking responsibility for their success, then I highly recommend Chip Eichelberger.”

Michael Newman
Founder, President & CEO
Always Best Care® Senior Services
• Excellent. Very positive Work and Life Balance messaging. I was very happy with the program, interactive and FUN.

• I thought Chip was great, energetic and made me want to try harder in all aspects of life!

• Best we have had in years! He was interactive which helped keep us going after a long morning. He related to us - his energy was contagious! “I wanted to share these terrific feedback results with you. Thanks again for your partnership in making this a great event.”  

Larry Croes, Vice President of Sales - Caroline Jackson, Training BCBSM
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
“From the beginning Chip displayed the utmost in professionalism:  spending time with us to understand our conference message and theme, interviewing select employees to better understand our company, and giving us excellent advice on room layout, lighting and seating arrangements.  His message was full of energy and passion, and he inspired our folks to commit to excellence in both their personal and professional lives. You made me look like a genius for finding you.

Wes Lowder, P.E.
Vice President Quality Improvement  Director
S&ME Engineering Integrity
“Chip hit it out of the park! He was extremely thorough - from his preparation to learn our culture, to his passionate & interactive delivery to his detailed follow up. Chip engaged our group in every way possible and defied us all to reach higher both in our business and personal lives. His “Switched On” message was a perfect fit for our distributors and our theme of “Let’s Think Bigger”. Chip not only set the tone for the meeting but he delivered a lasting challenge that resonated with everyone!”

Ross Tripp
Vice President, Sales
Phantom Screens
“Chip brings contagious energy and a compelling message that was customized for and targeted to his audience. We used Chip to kick off our annual sales meeting, and the response was great! We got Switched On and ready for a busy selling season!”  

Janet S. Toole - Director, Medicare Broker Sales
Independence Blue Cross
"Listening to Chip and the messages he delivers with enthusiasm and passion it is a sobering reminder of how important personal accountability is.  You can't help but to want to dig deep and feel the emotional satisfaction of improvement with an outcome of even greater personal and professional accomplishments. I have received so much positive feedback on both presentations to our team and our dealers!

Lori Bernt - Director of Marketing
“Chip helped get our team motivated and Switched On. He was enthusiastic and had high energy the entire time he spoke to our sales force. I was impressed by his thorough research of our company upfront. He set the tone for our meeting of “Own It” and how we each need to be accountable for our own results or go back into our studios for improvement. Chip’s messages were themes that we can take  back into our lives both professionally and personally. Chip helped energize our sales team and reminded us that we can and we will prevail.”  

Jim Sterbenz - VP Sales
Campbell Soup Company, US Retail
"Chip set the tone about attitude, enthusiasm, challenging yourself and putting yourself in position to win. He did a phenomenal job putting together a interactive presentation effectively customized for your annual MGoBlue Day. The Board Break was great to show what is possible when you encounter difficulty and fear and still breakthrough. Chip is as good as anyone I have ever seen, call me if you want to hear more."  

Dave Brandon - Former Athletic Director - Current CEO Toys “R” US
University of Michigan

"We hired Chip as the closing keynote to our semi-annual Professional Services meeting and he did an awesome job!  Chip did his homework, he talked to some of our employees prior to the event and researched our industry to ensure that his presentation was spot on.  His energy and excitement were contagious.  It was an amazing ending to our meeting."

Wilhelmina (Willie) Miller, PMP - Director, PSO Project Management
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
“Chip had a phenomenal impact on HHHunt in four cities on successive days. By promoting a sense of personal responsibility for us to become better as individuals, he has enabled us to develop into an even more exceptional team. His message of getting "switched on" has created an energy toward change will have a lasting, positive impact on both our people and our customers. You can be confident in choosing Chip to ignite your organization.”

Daniel T. Schmitt & Buck Hunt - President and CEO
HHHunt Corporation
"Chip is pure energy!!! When he took the stage, not only did he ignite our interest, but he stoked a fire in us that is going to be burning for some time to come. Everyone is still Switched On! He tailored the session to fit our specific needs by digging into what makes our organization tick. His work was evident and his analysis spot on! We could not be more pleased."

Bradley Smith, President
“Chip’s enthusiasm for living life to its fullest, setting personal priorities and performing at our maximum potential is infectious. I certainly appreciated him doing his homework to make his presentation relevant to the logging industry. He sounded like one of us! He is among the best presenters we have ever had in 44 years of annual conventions. The message was right on target and very timely for the current circumstances in our industry.”

Jim Geisinger - Executive Vice President
Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc.
"Caroline and I would like to thank you for the preparation and care you used in presenting a Switched On experience during our annual Premier Service Professionals induction and recognition ceremony. Our PSPs and managers enjoyed the energy and information you delivered. Your ability to make the presentation local while hitting on wellbeing as well as personal performance provided something for everyone. Thank you again for the role you played in making it a great event."

Ramona JonesImplementation Specialist
Wells Fargo Advisors
"We were searching for a Christian speaker. Chip reminded us we control over our choices, both in personal and work environments. Each individual can shape their own life and work experience, feelings and direction. Attitude is everything! It was just what they needed to hear. Breaking the boards was AMAZING! This is an excellent visual to relay personal strength, focus & accountability, as well as importance of teamwork with co-workers. This is a great presentation for professions in time of increased stress to remind us of the importance of establishing solid foundations in professional & personal lives."

Marilyn Wood - CEO
Opis Management Resources
"I selected you for my meeting because I had heard you before and I knew you’d send my guys a self-challenging message and close out our two day event on a high note. My team is Switched On! They’re also committed to treating their bodies better. The Energy Schedule was a hit. The mentoring and partnering that we made a centerpiece of our meeting took on a new level of dedication when they listened to your message. Thanks so much for putting the exclamation point on our event! It was everything I was counting on."

Wayne S. Dubin
Bartlett Tree Experts
Vice-President/Division Manager
"Chip did a great job engaging our audience and instilling the “Get Switched On” theme at our kick off sales conference. We had him kick off our day and he come back that afternoon to reinforce the message through the Board Break Experience. Our 300 sales professionals were excited and engaged and we heard that it was the best sales conference ever. We will be using video clips throughout the year to remind our people to stay switched on and to focus on what they can do to make a difference in their own results. Chip brought great energy, a solid message and he engaged the audience through collaboration and discussions. The board breaking experience was the icing on the cake – as I walk through our sales offices many have their boards proudly displayed for a constant reminder that there is always a way if you remain committed!"  

Michele Falkner
TDS Telecommunications, Inc.
Director – Sales Operations and Effectiveness
"Thank you for a great close to our conference. We have ambitious goals for next year. You did your homework to create valuable take-away content. Your session was fun, interactive and high energy. It was a great way to get the team “switched on” for the entire event."

Cam Fowler
Executive Vice-President, Personal and Commercial Banking Canada
BMO Bank of Montreal
"Chip’s message to our franchisees was exactly what they needed to get switched on and re-engaged in their business. You did your homework and it showed! The board break experience was a highlight of our conference that our franchisees will be talking about for years to come. Thank you Chip for making our conference memorable and impactful."

Kristine Fisher
SVP & Chief Operations Officer
FT Fitness Together
"Chip provided the entertaining presentation we were looking for, and more! He immediately engaged the audience and kept them involved showing a true knowledge of our industry while conveying the message we hired him to deliver. Chip ensures your event will include the specifics you expect and speak to particulars about your industry. Participants will be energized and leave with practical ideas on how to improve. We couldn’t be more pleased – Chip delivers."

Roger Josselyn
Business and Program Development, PADI Americas
PADI Americas
"If you want to bring energy to your company event Chip Eichelberger is a great choice. For two years running Chip engaged our leaders by making them think about their choices, realize what was important and understand their reality – all while having fun. The "Board Break Experience" was a fantastic end to our leadership off-site and left all attendees feeling pumped up, energized and ready to move forward – I would highly recommend it. We also hired Chip to Switch On and open our annual Users Conference where he got a standing ovation from 900+ customers."

Jeff Bender CEO
Glendia Bursey EA
Harris Computer Systems
"For our Sales Training session for our Sales Team and Dealer Network, we asked Chip to close our session on a high note, but yet deliver some very practical tips for improving their performance in and outside the work environment. Not only did he accomplish this goal, but he connected like no other guest speaker we worked with in the past. He literally “hit it out of the park”! Our participants left energized, invigorated, smarter and ready to tackle the world! His message resonated on personal and business fronts, and he truly made some life changing impressions on the audience. If you want to get your team to OWN IT, Chip delivers like no other. You won’t be disappointed, he delivers like few in the industry can accomplish."

Joe Porto
Director of Sales
Carrier Transicold
"Thank you for 3 great performances. We have not had outside speakers for a number of years due to disappointing and lackluster performances that just did not connect with nor energize our people. I must say you won over the most jaded nay-sayers amongst us and hit the ball out of the park, bases loaded, every time! You were a pleasure to work with on all levels and we would all agree that you were the best guest speaker we have ever had. Thanks again for helping us to "Own It!" and for getting us all "Switched On" to achieving greater levels of personal and professional performance."

Drew l. Miller
National Training Director
Furniture Row Companies
"We invited Chip to speak to ALL of our employees at our annual Neighbors Day. Wow! He was great and our employees loved him! Chip is the best I have seen and a true professional! He was incredibly easy to work with, the information and tools on his website made planning the event very easy and he delivered what he promised. He customized his presentation to our group focusing on the standard of service we call “The Neighbors Way”. The energy in the room at the end of the day was something we as an organization have never experienced before. The board breaking experience was incredibly powerful and our employees have repeatedly said that this event was our best ever. Thank you for an amazing day! I will not keep you a secret!"

Leah Tate ,CCUE
Vice President, Training
Neighbors Federal Credit Union
"Chip took the time to understand exactly what we do, and how we can continue to grow and reach our goals. He taught us that success within a business, first starts with success within ourselves. Paying attention to our overall well-being will play a significant role in having a positive outlook and attitude not just personally, but also in the work place. His optimism, high energy & encouragement will be sure to leave a lasting impression on our team members. The Board Break Experience finale was phenomenal!"

Mitul Patel
Chief Operating Officer
Peachtree Hotel Group
"Thank you for making our meeting a huge success. You kept the group involved, maintained high energy, tied your presentation to our theme with your opening session. It was amazing to watch as you drove our team to the board breaking crescendo. You showed our people they can break barriers and do something previously thought to be next to impossible. You gave us actionable ideas to help take our performance from good to great on every shift! We are so glad we booked you the meeting with our GM's too."

Howard Nelson
Vice President of Operations
The Krystal Company
"Chip was fantastic to work with. We interviewed him on the phone to be the keynote speaker at our annual event. When we saw the interactivity of the presentation on his video, we were sold. Chip tailored the program to our audience of over 500, kept them involved and listening for what he had to say and left them feeling energized and motivated. Thanks, Chip, for a job well done!!" Here are a couple audience comments: The keynote speaker was amazing and really has me motivated for positive change in my life. He opened my mind to other possibilities beyond what I am used to. Chip Eichelberger was great! Full of energy and information. Reality check for all.

Nancy Shepherd
Four Corners Business Conference
Program Chairman
"We had never had an outside thought leader like Chip to kick off an ADEA meeting and we are so glad we did. This was a high level group of leaders from all the dental schools in the US and Canada. He created amazing energy and interaction with the attendees. He got them involved and it was obvious he did his homework. The impact of his message was right on the mark with our Brave New World theme. If you are looking for a speaker to kick off your meeting, and get the attendees Switched On for the entire event, we highly recommend Chip Eichelberger."

Darryn Weinstein
American Dental Education Association
Program Co-Chair/ Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine
"We needed someone to connect with our leadership team and give them specific tools and the mindset to become a better leaders. The interactive worksheet we completed was an effective way to focus and integrate the material. The team is now focused on bringing energy to the office every day and getting switched on. He reminded us to take care of yourself first to become a more effective leader for others. One of the best take away ideas was a bonus - we needed to make a commitment to consistently thank our current customers for their referrals in a unique way. You can't go wrong with Chip!"

John Peterson, COO
PS Business Parks
"We hired Chip for our National Sales Meeting to get our team focused and committed to have a GREAT year. Our industry is very competitive and our sale professionals must be even better prepared to tell our unique story in the market place. Chip's energy was contagious and he effectively challenged our seasoned vets to get back to the basics and take their game to the next level. In addition to challenging us professionally he challenged us personally and I have no doubt he inspired many of us to make changes that will positively impact the rest of our lives."

Chris Knapp
Neptune Technology Group
Field Support Manager
"While some speakers simply 'pay lip service' to their audience, you obviously knew our industry and took the time to research further, speak to our members and incorporate your findings into the talk. I heard a lot of positive remarks about your keynote in Quebec City and it jump started the conference nicely. Good luck with your golf game!"

Jeff Calderwood
National Golf Course Owners Association of Canada
"Thank you, Chip, for an inspirational and motivational session with our key leaders. The preparation you put into tailoring your messages for our audience created a great rapport and sense of applicability. Your high energy, hands on engagement style worked particularly well for our global, diverse audience. Above all, your holistic approach to human development and engagement resonated with EVERYONE - people were thrilled that we chose to invest in their development and capabilities versus hearing some sort of speech about how they simply must do better. Not only did your messages live through the week, but many of us are still comparing our personal changes and improvements as a result of your session (myself included!) Thank you!"

George J. Biltz
Global Vice President, Purchasing
The Dow Chemical Company
"I feel like the value we received was more than expected. It was analogous to putting money in a vending machine and getting two items for the price of one. You were definitively the highlight at our meeting and I appreciate the time you spent customizing your message to our business. Your insights are right on track and you delivered them with great passion, enthusiasm and humor. Energy like yours is contagious and I can tell you our group left this conference refreshed, committed to improvement and... YES! We Got Switched On!"

Dean M. Piacente
Vice President
CSX Transportation
"There is a reason we have had you speak fourteen times at sales rallies across Canada and be the closing speaker at two national conventions. You do your homework to provide content our agents need to hear, while combining great energy and humor with a sincere delivery that captivate the audience. I strongly recommend you to any company wanting to take their meeting from good to great!"

Don Lawby
President and CEO
Century 21 Canada
"We had Chip Eichelberger speak at our Global Sales Meeting in Chattanooga, TN and he was the highlight of our meeting. The research he completed prior to presenting to understand his audience was a first for me. "The energy throughout his presentation generated a new level of enthusiasm that remained throughout the meeting. Chip Eichelberger is a difference maker. I would highly recommend Chip for any function where energy and excitement is the key."

Tom Eggleston
Director of Sales and Marketing
Best Manufacturing
"I mean this sincerely. Chip did a fantastic job of getting my annual sales conference charged and ready for the New Year. You did your homework and it showed. After your presentation everyone in the room knew they had what it takes to go out and make it happen!"

Jose Becquer
Vice President Treasury Management
Wells Fargo
"Chip was a featured speaker at our organization’s North America Leadership Institute Meeting. To say that he energized our attendees is an understatement. Chip provided a thought-provoking, motivational message that provided the best possible start to the day for attendees, and he was easily one the high point of the event for many. Having worked with many speakers throughout the world, I was greatly impressed by Chip’s professionalism and ability to tailor his message to our audience’s expectations. It is always gratifying to see months of planning play out successfully as an event unfolds, and Chip played a significant role in translating our plans into success."

Gil Marder
Leadership Institute Manager
Project Management Institute
"I was extremely impressed by the amount of time you spent researching us and understanding our culture and what we wanted our initiatives to be coming out of the event. Within three minutes your knowledge and passion for our organization came through and excited and energized our team. Getting Switched On for me was truly about Logan's taking what they learned back to their restaurants and living that with the teams. It was our best conference ever!"

Jim Kuehnhold
Logan's Roadhouse Restaurants
"Your workshop score was 9.52/10 and speaker score was 9.63/10 with over 1000 people in attendance for your closing Super Workshop. Thank you for your hard work preparing to make this workshop program so successful!"

Kerry Husk
Workshop & Seminar Manager
NADA Management Education

Here are some specific comments:
- 'Bring Chip back - he was terrific!'
- 'It was inspiring -fantastic. Get him back again!'
- 'Great choice, entertaining and motivational. Repeat this every year.'
- 'It was great. I don't know how it could have been any better.'
- 'Bring him back! The best, most relevant motivational speaker we've ever had!'
"Chip Eichelberger was extremely well received by our franchisees.  Chip was definitely not one to get stuck behind the podium and his presentation was fantastically high-energy, memorable and engaging.  It was also a real pleasure to work with a true professional – Chip made it easy for us every step of the way!"

Bruce Clark
Founder, BCW Group
Event Producer for Miracle-Ear
"Outstanding! Chip's presentation was inspiring. In addition, his auto industry background allowed him to relate to our audience. He actively engaged them in improving their dealership's sales as well as themselves. It was a great way to kick off the New York Auto Show for our leaders."

Todd Stainbrook
District Manager - New York Region
"Chip NAILED IT! The message and energy was spot on. He took the time to learn our company and culture.  His speech flew by and the franchisee's absolutely loved it. Chip is highly recommended and will be returning to 9Round next year for the Board Break Experience."  

Shannon & Heather Hudson
9Round Fitness - Founders
"Chip you did a phenomenal job! We've been arranging these seminars since 2001 and this is the first time we filled every seat in the house and had to add a few more! Our attendees raved about you all week throughout the remainder of the seminar. To start off the first conference of 2012, we had Chip come in, re-charge our Directors, Managers and staff, and reinvent them once again as CSRMA's progressive leaders in this somewhat dull environment of regulation. Chip's energy and honesty about leadership applies easily to both personal and work life. Lead yourself and you can better lead others."

Kay and David Patzer
California Association of Sanitation Agencies
Executive Directors
"Chip Eichelberger delivers a profound life altering message that can reach any audience regardless of their openness or sophistication. Chip will REACH your attendees. He doesn't miss a thing! I wish you could have heard how many times throughout the rest of the week that people told me how much they liked you; how they could listen to you over and over again; and how many of them remembered your name!! You were the HIT of both conferences this year. Chip will exceed your expectations!"

Cynthia Mills
Tree Care Industry Association
"Chip - in a nutshell you captured the vision - the essence of the message we so strongly wanted our associates to get. I believe your connection to our training process and core culture prior to your presentations was the key reason why the connection was so strong. You did a fantastic job of closing our 6 Service Summits around the country."

Paul Daly
AVP - Food and Beverage
Hyatt Hotels Corporation
"Chip not only kicked off our National User Conference the very way we envisioned it, tons of energy and excitement, but he made me want to be a better person in the process. Not only in my professional life but as a woman, a mother and in general a role model. His enthusiasm is contagious and I am better for having been in his audience."

Mindy Payne
Executive Administrator, Account Services
AssetWorks LLC
"You were absolutely the positive highlight of the day! (shocking that it wasn't that financial update). People really got "it", were "switched on" by your energy and tactics and saw how it translated into their day to day life. Mission accomplished! You made me look good for finding you!"

Heather Mundie
VP Human Resources
Ahold USA
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