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Shifting performance from good to GREAT is not a matter of just moving up the next rung of the ladder or even moving next door. It's more like moving to another country! That's how big the gap often is between where you are now and where you want to go. How do you bridge that chasm? The program “Own It!” taps the hidden potential inside each member of your team and shows how the power of making even one new decision can ignite tremendous performance improvements. Chip covers the key elements to make this shift including re-evaluating personal goals and performance, making new decisions, keeping score, moving the target and Reevaluate and Recharge. These steps transform your team from a followership model to an ownership model where personal responsibility reigns. This transition leads you, your team, and your company to dramatic and quick results when they “Own It!”

Own It! Take Charge of Your Performance

"Chip helped get our team motivated and Switched On. He was enthusiastic and had high energy the entire time he spoke to our sales force. I was impressed by his thorough research of our company upfront. He set the tone for our meeting of “Own It” and how we each need to be accountable for our own results or go back into our studios for improvement. Chip’s messages were themes that we can take  back into our lives both professionally and personally. Chip helped energize our sales team and reminded us that we can and we will prevail.”  

Jim Sterbenz - VP Sales
Campbell Soup Company, US Retail

To make the move to great, you must recognize the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Your choices brought you to where you are today and new choices that are sometimes drastically different, will guide you to reach your new target faster.

Chip concentrates on personal accountability as the key to owning your performance and the desired outcome. This accountability requires personal responsibility in spite of obstacles and without excuses or blame. Incorporating innovative or revolutionary change into everyday activities can lead to amazing transformation.

How Much Better Are You Than You Were Three Years Ago?

Once Chip does his research and interviews key attendees, he will change your average performers who may be fighting to remain average. He’ll challenge even your elite performers. He’ll help them discover where they need to focus on deliberate practice to enhance their results and truly “Own It.”

Chip’s highly interactive approach as seen in his demo video challenges and entertains the audience. His passionate style is sure to captivate and involve any group. Each person takes home a committed plan, plus the motivation to get going. They'll leave with a clear call-to-action including simple, key questions like:
  • What are you going to start doing?
  • What are you going to start doing?
And, they’ll have the tools, handouts, and website resources to incorporate the message into everyday life. “Own It!” inspires accountability at work, personal responsibility, trust in the system, and a long-term view of success. Even if your team has settled for less in the past, or hasn’t gotten the needed results, they have what it takes to make it happen. Small individual decisions lead to initiative at work, a greater sense of ownership and big results. Bigger changes lead to innovation and revolutionary change. Let Chip show you and your team how to “Own It!”
“From the beginning Chip displayed the utmost in professionalism:  spending time with us to understand our conference message and theme, interviewing select employees to better understand our company, and giving us excellent advice on room layout, lighting and seating arrangements.  His message was full of energy and passion, and he inspired our folks to commit to excellence in both their personal and professional lives. You made me look like a genius for finding you.

Wes Lowder, P.E. Vice President Quality Improvement  Director
S&ME Engineering Integrity
Chip’s Highly Engaging, Interactive Keynotes Motivate and Make a Lasting Impression

Hire Chip for Your Next Event or Conference

Over the last 20 years, Chip has successfully presented over 1,000+ tailored programs that fit the meeting theme and business situation. He draws from his own extensive business experience and time as the international point person for Tony Robbins.

Chip does his homework every time, with a masterful blend of motivation, humor and practical content for an exciting kick-off or a memorable finale. He challenges the audience to take a hard look at where they are and want to be. Your group will be fired up to take action and will think, "WOW, how did he know so much about us? It‘s like he works here."

Contact Chip directly at 865-300-2742 or complete the form below now.

Official Demo Video

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