What is unique about Chip’s speaking and business background?

Take a look at his list of Raving Fans and you will see an amazing diversity of clients. From Marriott and Nokia to Tommy Hilfiger and Century 21. From the National Auto Dealers Association and the Association of Operating Room Nurses to the American Bankers Association and the American Dental Association.

What does that mean to you? Chip has researched hundreds of diverse clients and done countless interviews in preparing for his events. He takes those years of experience and uses it to make each event as content rich and relevant as possible.

When talking to a sales oriented audience Chip can speak their language. He was a top sales person for Jantzen Sportswear running million dollar territories. He spent six years with Tony Robbins running sales teams that filled seminars in the US, UK and Australia. He was the Sales Person of the Year each year on the road. He has always been on a full commission income and understands the mindset and challenges.

Chip was speaking promoting Tony Robbins for six years and did over 1250 talks before earning his first speaking fee. That means he has attained a rare skill level from the front of the room that can energize any audience.

Chip runs his own business and is married with three young children under sixteen. He understands the joy and pressure that each can bring. His message incorporates the need for attention and excellence in both.

Why have meeting planners consistently booked Chip the last 20 years?

He consistently exceeds his client’s expectations in terms of customizing his message, humor and entertainment value, energy generated and audience interaction. Everyone likes to be energized, have fun and feel that the speaker has respected them enough to do their homework.

Like every professional speaker today, I will provide you with pre-program questionnaires for you to complete. And while completing a lengthy questionnaire might seem like one more hassle in your day, it will pay off in a highly relevant presentation, tailored to your program's needs. The more information you provide me, the better. Your prospective speaker can always "edit down," but he or she can't ever "edit up"! Send me what ever printed material (annual reports, newsletters, magazines, product brochures) you think may be helpful.

Why is Chip such a popular closing speaker at multi-day conventions?

It is much more difficult for a speaker to do a rockin’ closing session at a convention. This is especially true if there are many parties and the group goes to bed late, is up early for several days in a row and the event is after lunch. Chip’s natural style is to have fun and build rapport with the audience. He keeps the audience moving mentally and physically. Because of the interactive handouts they are engaged and involved. He feels the key is to make it about them and not about him. He will lead them to a clear call to action so they will focus on the key items they will put into action when they return home.

How else can I use Chip to make our event extraordinary?

Let Chip "bookend" your event. For example, open the day and close the day. Open day one and close day two or three. When the start AND finish are amazing, people will experience the ENTIRE event as amazing.

Chip typically will customize his Get Switched On or Own It program and close with his famous Breaking Barriers experience.

Chip can help coordinate and lead a panel discussion of your top performers. Many conventions do not have an effective way to share the best practices of their top people. It will add more value if the questions are well thought out in advance and Chip can moderate to draw out the best ideas.

Speaking at your convention is an important moment for your presenters. If they are professionally coached by Chip you will see an amazing improvement in their performance. They will learn the keys to opening and closing their talks, engaging the audience, organizing their message and how to get switched on to be at their best!

What is the best way to set up the room and manage the intangibles?

The logistics of the room is very important to the overall success of the meeting: chairs, light, music, temperature, stage set-up all play a role. Here is a check list of things to consider that will make a difference better for all your sessions.

Do you have any other ideas to help us have a great event?

I have seen good events and great events. From the great events, I have compiled a list of ideas that may help you make your event great.

What is the investment to bring Chip in? Read More..

AV and Logistics: A cordless lav microphone and PPT set up. I highly recommend you use a "stage wash" light the stage and make it a better experience for the audience. The room should be as bright as possible and if theatre style, chairs ideally arranged in a chevron pattern to bring the audience as close as possible to the front. Chip will get you the suggested room set-up to maximize the energy and engagement of your entire event.

Please try not to put the podium in the front of the stage so you have to walk behind it to work the room. Please provide a 6’ skirted table and room temperature bottled water for the stage. It is highly recommended that each person have an hotel writing pad/conference work book to write on. Chip will provide each participant with learning guides to complete during the talk, so everyone will need pens and something to write on.
AV and Logistics
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