Switch On Your Sales with Chip’s
Energizing, Motivational Keynotes

Succeeding in sales is tough. Discover what you can do to consistently stand out from the competition, sell at a premium price, generate customer loyalty and have them refer you to others!

When you “Switch On Your Sales” ability, you stand out in dramatic contrast to mediocre sales people! Chip shares ideas harnessed from his 20+ years of experience being on a full commission income and his research with hundreds of clients and the different sales models they employed.

“Switch On Your Sales” will engage and motivate attendees and challenge even your “A” players to take their game to the next level. In this session, attendees will have the opportunity to take a hard, honest look at themselves, their beliefs about what is possible and their current performance. They will learn simple things that increase sales and profits with less effort. Chip does his homework, customizing programs for each company from financial services to retail to restaurants to high-tech.

Here are some of the empowering concepts delivered in a highly interactive presentation that will get your people thinking in new ways and taking action. Chip will:

  • Expand attendees’ compelling vision of what is possible which works wonders for motivating a sales force. Chip will ensure they have the daily game plan to make it happen and learn how to become recognized experts.
  • Master your basics with deliberate practice and quality feedback.
  • Share strategies on how to improve sales by leveraging social proof, building customer retention and increasing referrals. Every dollar invested here brings a bigger return than money spent on customer acquisition.
  • Explain how telling stories about the unique, emotional experiences you and your team deliver customers is a game changer. Learn to systematically document your success more creatively to share with prospects. Maximize the use of online reviews (Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.) turn those prospects into customers. ‘Sticky stories’ from your raving fans will captive the listener and do more to persuade prospects than all the facts and benefits on your web site!

Get Switched On When You Are with Clients

When you are “Switched On” you engage your prospects and customers. It is SHOWTIME! How can you ensure you are fully present and engaging the customer every time? Taking ownership of your energy level and how to be at your best consistently yields benefits in every area of your life.

Your attendees will have more fun and be easy to work with every step of the way. When you are ‘switched on’ consistently, it propels you forward with a positive mindset and the ability to overcome adversity quicker.

"Chip was the closing speaker at our National Sales Meeting and we were thoroughly impressed with his capabilities. Chip spent quality time with our team learning about our company core values, gaining a better understanding of PCLS and cultivating his presentation to fit our group. He motivated, engaged and inspired our group to be more personally accountable through his dynamic and infectious presentation. He definitely got our sales team “Switched On” and ready to commit to excellence in their personal and professional lives.  I have received nothing but positive feedback from our team and it was the highlight of the meeting.”

Rick Chitty

VP of Sales

PCLS - Physicians Choice Lab Services

“Chip hit it out of the park! He was extremely thorough - from his preparation to learn our culture, to his passionate & interactive delivery to his detailed follow up. Chip engaged our group in every way possible and defied us all to reach higher both in our business and personal lives. His “Switched On” message was a perfect fit for our distributors and our theme of “Let’s Think Bigger”. Chip not only set the tone for the meeting but he delivered a lasting challenge that resonated with everyone!”

Ross Tripp Vice President, Sales

Phantom Screens

Contact Chip for Your Next Event

With 1,000+ events over the last 20 years, Chip has successfully presented tailored programs that fit the meeting theme and business situation. Take a look at his testimonials and raving fans to see all his satisfied clients. You’ll see Chip does his homework every time, with a masterful blend of motivation, humor and practical content.

He challenges the audience to take a hard look at where they are and want to be. Your group will be fired up to take action and will think, "WOW, how did he know so much about us? It‘s like he works here."

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