"For every dollar invested in wellness for your employees, you will save on average $3.27."

The leading cause of death in America is not heart disease, cancer, stroke or diabetes. It is the unhealthy lifestyle too many Americans are addicted to which is the true cause. The CDC says 41.9% of Americans are currently obese, not just overweight. That contributes directly to the vast majority of people dying from PREVENTABLE diseases. Having a thriving culture of wellness with a participation rate over 75% is every company’s goal. It is also expected by your employees!
Just about anybody can have healthy behaviors for a few weeks. The key is to maintain healthy behaviors for years and stay involved in your wellness program. As soon as you stop your healthy behaviors, you stop getting the benefits. Employees needs consistent positive messages and strategies. A fresh voice and this engaging content will be a difference maker for any company!

That is where this video series comes in! Each video is focused on TAKING ACTION on the key messages from the video. The energy and messages in the videos are contagious and delivered in a snackable content of 3 - 5 minutes that get watched all the way through. It is ideal content to share with the entire family and get them involved in the wellness program.

The foundation of any good wellness program must be focused on helping employees adopt healthy behaviors. Elevated blood glucose, high blood cholesterol, and high blood pressure are almost all caused by unhealthy diets and lack of physical activity. Eating and exercising are behaviors. Your employees can adopt new behaviors and implement more healthy daily habits and stick.

Workplace wellness statistics show that in as little as six weeks health risks can improve dramatically. Those who maintain healthy behaviors experience lower health risks for six weeks, six months, 12 months, and even out to 18 months after this program began.

"For every dollar invested in wellness for your employees, you will save on average $3.27."

"Chip embraced our vision to motivate Associates and their families to start their health and well-being journey. Chip's video series is an excellent addition to a well-being program, they provide the education and motivation to begin the healthy behavior change process while keeping Associates interested and entertained. He was able to script and edit the videos with zero to minimal input from us, and that is a huge bonus to a team that is already overwhelmed with "to do" tasks. "Get Switched On" Wellness videos are a fantastic addition to our Well-Being Max program,thank you Chip!"

- Lennar Homes - Melissa Kelly, Director of Benefits
Bonus Service - I can also fully customize my proven LAUNCH VIDEO to help you drive enrollment into your Wellness Program. It can be for your current Wellness program or help launch a new program. If employees are not in a program to KNOW their key health numbers right now, there is a great opportunity! EVERYONE getting a biometric screening, health assessment and knowing their numbers essential. Take Action.
Among the 22 different studies from HealthAffairs.org that looked at wellness programs and healthcare costs, the average return on investment was 3.27. This means that for every dollar that was spent on the program, the company saved $3.27 because of reduced healthcare costs, reduced sick days, higher productivity and decreased overall health costs. A 327% Return!
The first step is to get people enrolled and to KNOW THEIR NUMBERS. They must be educated on where they are right now.  They must examine what’s actually happening, not just feeling good about joining a workplace wellness program.

A great program allows everyone, especially the high-risk people to KNOW THEIR NUMBERS and confront the brutal facts of their current situation.

"Chip was instrumental in helping us to launch our Ed Life Wellness program for our employees. He created a launch video that really resonated with them to drive enrollment into the program. Getting them enrolled to KNOW THEIR NUMBERS is essential to lowering their numbers. His wellness videos are content rich, entertaining and effective in engaging our now WFH workforce on topics that make a difference."

Ed Financial, John Farinella, COO – Cigna Customer

Effective Wellness Programs Reduce Absenteeism

There are over 50 papers that have looked at the connections between worksite wellness programs and reduced absenteeism. Worksites with comprehensive wellness programs can experience reduced absenteeism for a variety of reasons:
      1. Employees with good health behaviors have lower absenteeism
       2. Employees who can control their stress have lower absenteeism
       3. Employees with healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose have lower absenteeism.
       4. Employees who are not overweight or obese have lower absenteeism

Any wellness program that can reduce absenteeism will experience cost savings. Harvard researchers looked at the ROI of wellness programs as they relate absenteeism and demonstrated that for every dollar wellness programs spend on wellness, they can save $2.73 and reduce absenteeism.

Keeping your employees healthy, in shape, mentally sharp and performing at their best is essential as many have been impacted from dealing with a new work/life reality with Covid 19. Working to keep your health insurance premiums from rising and limiting future claims is also important. These 25 videos of "snackable content", about 4 minutes long, are perfect to give your team quality strategies that work. I will create and add a video bumper to customize them for your company. I will also do a live 45-minute virtual program to kick off to get them started taking better care of their #1 Asset -THEMSELVES.

A study by Deloitte reported 60% of organizations say a focus on well-being improves employee retention, while 61% say it boosts productivity and bottom-line business results. Building a wellness culture have a profound impact on retaining top talent.

"Employers save on average $5.82 in lower absenteeism for every dollar spent on employee wellness programs." - Indiana Department of Health.

Contact Chip for a full list of the 37 video series and descriptions

1. Getting Started Taking Better Care of Your #1 Asset -     Your first line of defense against COVID-19 or any     disease is to strengthen your immune system and     choose a healthy lifestyle. The good news is it does not     matter how well or how poorly you have taken care your     #1 asset in the past – your health and vitality. What     matters right now is your current path, more than your     current results. You are what you DO, not what you     SAY you will do. First I will teach you how to get started     on this journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle, and     to how to take advantage of all that your wellness     program offers you. Take Action.
2. Be a 3%'er – Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle - The     leading cause of death in America is not heart disease,     cancer, stroke or diabetes. It is the unhealthy lifestyle     too many Americans are addicted to which is the true     cause. A study by Mathew Reeves, a Michigan State     University epidemiologist finds that only 3% of     Americans maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this video we     will go over how to become a 3%’er. What new habits     must you begin today? How will that decision impact     your life? What about the lives of your children and     future generations? You can do it. Believe in yourself.     Take Action.
3. Motions Creates Emotion - Quality of Your Life is     Quality of Movement – How long do you want to live?     Our focus should be looking NOW at the QUALITY of     the life we want to experience as we age – great     longevity, health and vitality for the future. Why not do     what you can EVERYDAY right now to be healthy later?     Track your amount of movement via your wearable     and/or cell phone app. Here we will learn how to utilize     the Get Switched On energy schedule, and commit to a     minimum number of days each month, sign it, post it on     your bathroom mirror and start tracking. Take Action.
4. You Cannot Outrun a Big Mac – Diet Counts - You     simply cannot make up for on a treadmill for what you     can put in your mouth! You cannot out exercise a bad     diet. You cannot outrun a Big Mac. Here we will go over     the mentality of how to overcome the urge and desire to     eat an unhealthy meal such as a Big Mac, or how to     make the small alternative food choices that will help     project us towards our goal! We must think long term     and make conscious decisions each day to make     healthy food choices. Each good choice makes the     NEXT good choice even easier! Take Action.
5. Don’t Drink Your Calories – A Simple Strategy for     Weight Loss - Cut down on sugar intake and stop     drinking your calories!  Sodas and sugary drinks are     addictive and a leading cause of OBESITY, Type 2     diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, gout, dementia     and cancer. Soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, fruit     juices and sugary coffee drinks are the leading source     of total calories for many. In this video I will break down     the drastic change that choosing water over soda can     make! We will also cover my pro tip on how to take a     daily internal shower that will help boost hydration and     help with weight loss. Make a decision to stop     constantly drinking your calories, and QUIT BUYING IT     AT THE STORE. Make better choices each day with No     or LOW sugar options, Take Action!
6. Walk Faster – Live Longer - How fast do you generally     walk? It may not surprise you, but if you typically walk     slowly without a sense of urgency - it will likely cut     years off your life. Why live a long life if you can hardly     move and cannot enjoy it! Here we go over how much     simply, not “lollygagging,” can make in your everyday     life and tips on how you can consciously pick up the     pace you walk! Take Action.
7. Sitting May Be Killing You – A Key Factor – Sitting     may be killing you. Many of you are lucky to have a     position that keeps you moving all day long. For others     you could easily be sitting 30, 40 or even 50 hours a     week between your work and personal life. A recent     study at Johns Hopkins said, “how much you sit, not     your weight or how much you exercise is the key factor     in determining someone’s overall health.” Calculate for     a week how much you are REALLY sitting. No matter     how high this number is, I give you ways to think     “outside the box” and move throughout the week, even     if you have a desk job! Take Action.
8. Live the 4% Solution – Invest In Your Greatest     Resource: You! – How do you find time to take better     care better of yourself? You are your number one     asset. The best gift you can give others is taking great     care of you. It is not selfish, it is essential. Jim Rohn     used to call it “Enlighted Self-interest.” Unexpected     challenges and change can come our way as we have     seen. Evaluate how you spend your time now. What is     the most valuable gift you can give yourself? Taking     care of yourself by using the 4% Solution. Here I go     over what the 4% consists of and how to utilize it. Take     Action.
9. Better Sleep Series – Building Your Immune System -     If the stool of health has three legs -- exercise, nutrition,     and sleep. Sleep is a crucial component of a healthy     lifestyle, and that lack of sleep can have far-reaching     consequences, affecting everything from mood,     creativity, longevity, chronic disease risk — including     dementia, type 2 diabetes and heart attacks. Analyze     your sleep needs. In this three-part series I will teach     you how to find your optimum sleep window to     maximize your rest. Take Action.
10. Better Sleep Series Tips 1 – 5 – Nothing can stand in      for a good night’s sleep. Instead of discussing how we      might get by with less sleep – which is possible as you      get in your best shape, we’re going to help you reboot      your sleeping habits. The goal is to get the sleep you      need and deserve. Analyze those 5 tips. What do you      know you can do right now to get better sleep? Pick at      least 3 specific steps you can take now to get a better      sleep and take action on them. Get a better night’s      sleep!
11. Better Sleep Series Tips 5 - 10 – Lost sleep is lost      forever, and persistent lack of sleep has a cumulative      effect when it comes to disrupting your health. Even      when we’re done with work, there are dozens of needs      and distractions to keep us up late and effecting a      good night’s sleep. Ask yourself a few questions. How      well am I sleeping right now? Am sleeping through the      night and waking up before my alarm? What can I do      right now to improve my routine? Experiment - improve      it and take action!
12. The Power of the Green Get Switched On      Smoothie – Low fresh fruit and vegetable consumption       is a crisis - On average, Americans are eating fruit      once per day and vegetables 1.7 times per day when      the recommendation is 7 – 9 servings. In this video I      will show you how the Green Get Switched On      Smoothie can change your life. It is a simple life hack      for a fast and easy fix to get the correct number of      servings of fruits and vegetables our bodies need per      day! Test it for a month and drink a green smoothie at      least once a day, ideally in the morning. You will notice      a difference quickly. Your body will adapt, be patient      and give it a month and make it a lifetime habit! Take      action.
13. Making the Green Get Switched On Smoothie–      Once people get comfortable making the smoothie for      the first time, the rest is easy. Drinking a low sugar and      high super green nutrient rich smoothie is a health      game changer. This video shows me making the      smoothie, giving specific recipe options and actual      calorie information. Take action.
14. Achieving Financial Independence – Reaching      financial freedom will not be an accident. Are you on      track right now? The key is remember that money is an      exchange of value, and you must strive to keep      learning to become more valuable. Reducing financial      stress, the #1 cause of divorce is important. Here are      key 5 strategies you can implement, regardless of your      current situation, to reach financial independence. Take      action.
15. Why Health and Cancer Screening are so       Important – In this video we will go over the       importance of health screening, including eye and       dental exams, and how they can save lives. If caught       at an early stage it normally allows for much more       effective and easier treatment. The screening can       empower you to continue making healthier choices       and exhibit healthier behaviors. The AJMC says       lifestyle interventions may reduce incidence of       diabetes by up to 58% over 3 years. Take action.
16. Cultivating a Positive Attitude – An attitude of       positive  expectations is the mark of a superior        personality. It is reflected in everything you say and       everything you do. In this video we will go over the       importance of having a positive mindset and how to       rewire your brain to always think this way. Your       attitude will be a key determining factor in your future       success. Be grateful and show appreciation. The       quality of your life is the quality of your questions. Take       action.
17. Reduce and Avoid Lower Back Pain – Back pain is       the second most common cause of missing work.       Motion is medicine! Physical activity can improve       lower back pain, reduce arthritis symptoms by 40%.       Bottom line - We should sit less, and we should sit       better. If you are experiencing consistent back pain       understand it is likely in your control to reverse it.       Utilize the tips we go over in this video to improve.       Take action.
18. WFS – The New Work Week – For many, working       from partially or full time from home is the new reality.       The Conference Board surveyed human resource       leaders and found 40% reported more mental health       problems. If you need help or counseling, reach out.       Be careful and monitor your INPUTS. Here are some       strategies to be more effective working from home.       Take action
19. Do You Focus on Your Lifespan or Your       Healthspan? – Lifespan is the total number of years       we live. Simple enough.  Healthspan is how many of       those years we remain healthy, energetic, with a       positive attitude and free from disease. What is your       attitude toward aging? Here are 5 strategies to make       healthier choices, physically and mentally, you can       extend your Healthspan. Take action.
20. Get There Quicker - Baby Steps vs. Radical       Change – Making more radical changes are       challenging, yet you achieve quicker results AND they       can lead to a massive success! The heart patients       who went on Dr. Ornish’s tough and radical program       saw quick results, reporting a 91% decrease in       frequency of chest pain in the first month. These rapid       improvements are a powerful motivator, and they       inspire more action and commitment. Take action.
21. 9 Ways to Control High Blood Pressure Without       Medication High-blood pressure is called the       “silent killer” for good reason. The CDC says almost       half of US adults have it and 20% do not know they       have it. The good news is that you can make changes,       RIGHT NOW, to significantly reduce your numbers       and lower your risk — without requiring medications.       Here are 9 lifestyle changes you can make right now       to reduce this serious and controllable health risk.       Take action.
22. Living a High Energy Life – Having high energy and       optimum health is paramount to having a happy,       fulfilling, and intentional life. Without energy,       everything else suffers. In this video we will go over       how to be “Switched On” and stay ahead of the curve       when it comes to health and energy. Continuing to       neglect your health can lead to possible future illness       that you could and still can avoid by choosing to live a       healthier lifestyle. Make the change right now and       follow these steps we cover in this video; your future       self will thank you. Take action.
23. How to Avoid and Reverse Type 2 Diabete –       According to the CDC, over 1 in 10 Americans, or 34.2       million have type 2 diabetes. An astounding 1 in 3       have pre-diabetes while 90% of those people do not       know they have it. This chronic disorder has swept       through America and many nations in an epidemic-like       manner. The biggest increase is in people under age       20. The good news is it is a lifestyle condition created       by poor food choices and lack of exercise.  You CAN       reverse type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. You DO       NOT NEED to just control it. Here are the steps you       can take immediately to get started. Take action.
24. Dealing With Stress and Understanding Burnout –       According to the American Institute of Stress, stress is       believed to contribute to around 60% of all human       illness and disease. Stress feeds burnout, so having       strategies to manage stress and increase your overall       well-being is crucial. If you feel you need help now, get       help. How can you be more grateful? What negative       content do you need to eliminate? Where can you be       of service? Here are some steps you can take to       diminish your stress levels and get your life back. Take       action.
25. The Value of Game Film, Quality Feedback and       Deliberate Practice – The research is now clear,       there is no such thing as a predefined ability. The       brain and our abilities are very adaptable, and training       can create skills that did not exist before. “We can       create our own potential.” By constantly evaluating       and improving yourself, you will enhance your innate       talent. Here are the ways you can get QUALITY       feedback and LEARN from it. Take action.

This series can also include a 45- 75 minute live or virtual event to help your team take better care of their #1 Asset – THEMSELVES! It is very possible your insurance company will pay for the videos as part of your wellness budget. This has happened several times with other clients.

Optional Video to Add - Chip will create a Fully Customized Video for your current Wellness program or help launch a new program to drive enrollment – If your employees are not in a program to KNOW their key health numbers right now you must begin! EVERYONE getting a biometric screening, health assessment and knowing their numbers is so important. Take Action.

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Contact Chip directly to set up a time to discuss the best option for you.

Based on my experience with other clients it is possible your current health care provider will actually help you invest in this package as to help you reduce your claims and keep your premiums from rising.

Chip Eichelberger, CSP
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