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Peak Performance, Motivation and Wellness Strategist

I get it. It is hard to choose a speaker with all the choices. Do you want just a great experience AT your event, or do you want the impact of the message to last the entire year? What if that was possible?

So, is productivity, absenteeism, WFH, employees with chronic diseases and your increasing health care spend a concern?  How many of your employees are currently obese, have now or will have hypertension, type 2diabetes, heart disease, cancer, back pain, stress or battle depression? Far too many!

None of us comes with an owner’s manual! You can learn to become an empowered participant In your own health and create a way of life that supports longevity, energy and peak performance.    

Consider these statistics…

“The leading cause of death in America/Canada is not heart disease, cancer,stroke or diabetes. It isthe unhealthy lifestyle too many people are addicted to which is the true cause. Only3% are leading a healthy lifestyle.”
— Dr. Matthew Reeves, MSU

The National Council on Aging reports 80% of adults 65 or over have at least ONE chronic health condition and 68% have two or more! The numbers are getting worse not better.What is the cost of doing nothing?

How many employees actively participate in your wellness program now? What percentage get their annual Biometric Screening and Health Risk Assessment?

Here is the good news: we can ignite your health and wellness program and make it contagious in your company! Ultimately, you are looking for real world results brought about by a dynamic and engaging speaker who is an expert in their field.

The foundation of any wellness push must be focused on helping employees adopt healthy behaviors. High blood pressure, elevated blood glucose (Type 2Diabetes), high blood cholesterol and obesity are almost all caused by unhealthy diets and lack of movement. Motion is medicine.

With effective mental, physical, relationship, financial, diet and exercise habits, employees’ work product will gain incredible horsepower and their personal lives will nolonger suffer.

Don’t hire just a speaker! Engage with a PARTNER with a 29-year track record of success and over 1000 successful events. Get the live experience and drive better physical and mental habits that last long AFTER the program.

Here is my promise to you. Hire me for your next event, and you will be 100% thrilled with my proven, customized, high-energy, interactive live or virtual program AND a fresh “snackable content” (3-5 minutes) video every 10 days for a year! Each video comes with“action questions’ to engage the viewer and make it easier to gamify viewing.

I have delivered over 1,000+ high-energy presentations for such notable organizations like Lennar Homes, Ameriprise, Hyatt, DOW, GM, Mass Mutual PriceWaterhouseCoopers,RE/MAX, Smoothie King, Wells Fargo, The Equitable, Campbell’s Soup and BlueCross/Blue Shield. And they are all happy they did.

After doing over 30 live events for Lennar Homes, they commissioned me to create video content to encourage their 9800 associates to enroll in their wellness program and live healthier physical and mental habits. Their investment was $37,500 for the series.
“If you look up the word ENERGIZE in the dictionary you will likely find a picture of Chip Eichelberger. You challenged our 9800 associates to reevaluate and recharge their performance and know their numbers. The 37 Video Wellness Series enhances our Well-Being Max wellness program with the strategies and the motivation to drive healthy habits and target our biggest health care spends – hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, back pain, and other targeted wellness topics. You helpto turbo charge associate productivity.”
LENNAR HOMES - Jon Jaffe - President/Melissa Kelly - Dir. of Benefits

I created a “generic” version of each video any company can use. You will engage your team every 10 days after the live event – for the entire year with fresh, proven, compelling strategies to enhance mental and physical health to switch on energy and drive revenue. For every dollar you invest in wellness, many studies show a 3.27 ROI for every $1 invested. Enhance your ability to help prevent chronic diseases and help control your health care spend. That’s a win-win.

HR will love the fresh content to engage your employees. Lennar Homes is the biggest client of BC/BS Florida and they use MY videos because the content the insurance companies provide is so bland and uninspiring.

A study by Deloitte reported 60% of organizations say a focus on well-being improves employee retention, while 61%say it boosts productivity and bottom-line business results. Building a wellness culture have a profound impact on retaining top talent.
"Safety and wellness are essential for our workforce, especially in our production plants. We had Chip speak at each location to kick-off our Safety/Wellness Fairs and help launch our new app. Reviews were tremendous, the content powerful and his engagement reached many who have never heard a message like this before. Our goal is to improve productivity, employee health behaviors,reduce elevated health risks and health care costs. The content from EmployeeWellnessVideos.com todrive healthy habits is the cornerstone of our program."
— Kristy Ninneman, Nekoosa, Director of Human Resources

Get Switched On! – Reevaluate and RechargeYour Health, Energy and Performance

I challenge each person to get clear on what is really important and look at current priorities. The goal is to think long term and commit to taking better care of their #1 Asset – their health and vitality. What habits will create the compelling future they desire?

Each will understand what is at stake and reevaluate current results, vision, game plan, mindset, energy and performance. Each person will take a close look at current neglect, the impact of it and why early detection is essential to avoiding catastrophe. Each person will make a committed DECISION at the end of the session and their reasons why.

This is not a speech! it is an interactive keynote workshop that engages people in new mindsets, strategies, and habits to implement immediately. This program will get you plugged back in and switched on! I will do the research and interviews needed to provide the most value for your team. Seeing me LIVE creates BUY-IN to watch the video series over the next year.
Contagious Energy and Customized Content Gets Audiences into Action

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