Choosing the Right Conference Themes
for Your Upcoming Meeting

For an unforgettable and motivating meeting, you have to select the right conference theme, which is your core idea. Think about what needs to be communicated at your meeting and what you want attendees to walk away with. A hot sales meeting theme can really make your meeting and usher in success for the entire year.

Your chosen title becomes the focal point for all the elements of your conference, so be sure to create a line that can be applied to speaker topics, breakout sessions, receptions, incentives and more. Below, Chip offers five essential tips for creating a memorable and hard-working conference theme.

5 Tips for Conference Themes that Rock!
Tip #1 – Review Chip’s List of Theme Suggestions
Based on his extensive experience, Chip has compiled a list of proven conference theme ideas to help with brainstorming titles for your event. He also suggests leveraging current movies, TV, sports, and music, along with topics like success and winning.

Tip #2 – Keep Company Image Front and Center
The best conference theme ideas are true to your corporate image and branding. Don’t stray from the investment your company has already made. Create a simple title that’s short, easy to say and remember. That will make it more likely for people to talk about and to build buzz for your event.

Tip #3 – Build in a Call-to-Action
Think about what you want your people to do as a result of the conference. That’s the central message to reinforce and what your call-to-action should focus on. A proper call-to-action gets people involved and provides a lasting impression.

Tip #4 – Seamlessly Apply Sales Meeting Themes
Apply your theme to every element of your meeting starting with the invitations, to PPT templates, materials, décor, meals and receptions. Wrap all incentives, contests and prizes into your conference theme as well to give the program legs and reinforce the message throughout the year.

Tip #5 – Involve Speakers EarlyWhen you get your conference speakers involved early on the process that allows them to reinforce your message and incorporate your conference themes. The power of repeating the message is undeniable, as your theme works its way into the subconscious minds of the audience. Click to view all of Chips speaking topics and programs.
"Chip provided the entertaining presentation we were looking for, and more! He immediately engaged the audience and kept them involved showing a true knowledge of our industry while conveying the message we hired him to deliver. Chip ensures your event will include the specifics you expect and speak to particulars about your industry. Participants will be energized and leave with practical ideas on how to improve. We couldn’t be more pleased – Chip delivers."

Roger Josselyn
Business and Program Development, PADI Americas
PADI Americas
Chip Delivers Dynamic Presentations with Lasting Impact to Ignite Change

Over the last 20 years, Chip has successfully delivered over 1,000 customized programs that reinforce the meeting theme and business situation. Start your meeting his contagious energy or wrap up with an enthusiastic, memorable finale. Chip does his homework, researching your company culture, industry, and business situation, for a remarkable blend of motivational and practical content, peppered with humor.

Hire Chip to inspire your team and challenge them to honestly assess current strategies, see opportunities and consistently aim to be top producers. Check out his video to see for yourself. He’ll make you look great as the meeting planner for choosing a keynote speaker who is guaranteed to get rave reviews.

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