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Chip offers a number of celebrated motivational programs that guarantee to make your next meeting, event or conference a memorable success. Watch his video to see how he brings his own brand of refreshing enthusiasm to the presentation.

As a conference speaker, Chip has presented over 1,000 programs in the last 20 years and was formerly Tony Robbins’ international point man in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. He is known for doing his homework, thoroughly researching your company, brand, market and industry to create an engaging program with relatable material. His customized handouts help the audience follow along, get involved and live the message.

List of Speaker Topics and Programs

If you need to energize and motivate your team, the “Get Switched On!” program fills the room with a vibrant energy and enthusiasm that is absolutely contagious. This is the perfect morning program to energize the audience for the entire day. Your team will be inspired and Switched On to increase sales, enhance customer service, learn something new and consistently perform at higher levels.

Imagine getting “Switched On” and engaged before every phone call and customer interaction! When done consistently, what will the impact be? Even walking into your own home at the end of the day presents new possibilities for life overall.
When the CEO approaches the VP of Sales and says, ‘You really hit the mark with this speaker and his message’ - you know you picked the right man. Thanks for getting our team switched on for our upcoming sales season. Your pre work was ‘spot-on’ and the handout during the session was a great way to get the most energy and attention for that session.  It worked great!”

Mike Parker
VP of Sales
The Board Break Experience – Breaking Barriers

This program is an outrageous springboard to generate unprecedented levels of team spirit. Often delivered in conjunction with Chip’s other sessions, adding the Board Break Experience creates an amazing experience that can be completed in as little as 60-minutes or part of a half-day program that is on fire. This provides an intense, emotional breakthrough with the physical metaphor of actually breaking a board and celebrating the win as a team.

Burst through barriers and provide a climatic experience that is extremely memorable and leaves a lasting positive impression for months and even years. People remember when they broke the board and that inspires them to consistently bring their “A Game” at work and in life.
"Your presentation was uplifting, entertaining and gave tactical advice our sales team will use. The ‘Board Break Experience’ truly was an amazing way to end the morning and get our team to commit to their 2016 goals. You would be a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind speaker. Your ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift!"

Terry Babilla
President, BSN Sports
Own It! - Take Charge of Your Performance

You can transform your performance when you take responsibility and own it. That’s when you make things happen. Shifting your team’s results and your own from good to GREAT requires bridging a huge gap. In this inspiring program, Chip clarifies how being accountable and having personal responsibility are the keys to outstanding performance improvements.

This enlightening keynote engages the audience to assess their own process honestly, make new decision, and move the bar higher. Your people will be highly motivated by the undeniable power associated with a positive can-do attitude and the right activity. When you and your people own it, the company can experience dramatic results in a short amount of time.
“Chip was a fantastic choice for our opening keynote speaker at the National Association of Dental Laboratories Vision 21 Meeting! He took the time to meet with staff and leaders in advance to learn about our industry and provide real world examples and solutions in his presentation. Our attendees loved the energy and interaction and the Own It message! They walked away excited about the rest of our conference and with materials and information to take back to their organizations.”

Rachel Luoma, MS, CAE Chief Staff Executive
Jill Jackson, Senior Meeting Planner
National Association of Dental Laboratories
Switch On Your Sales!

Great results are based on what’s happening within and what you do, not what happens in the marketplace. Draw the line and be accountable for your performance. What simple things can you incorporate into your sales success systems so customers are wowed, become loyal and refer you to others?

Strive to bring your “A Game” to every interaction so your presentations and actions are in drastic contrast to what so many lackluster sales people do. Chip shares ideas from his own extensive experience and research for hundreds of his clients. His dynamic program motivates the audience and inspires consistently new levels of achievement long after the program is over.
"For our Sales Training session for our Sales Team and Dealer Network, we asked Chip to close our session on a high note, but yet deliver some very practical tips for improving their performance in and outside the work environment. He connected like no other guest speaker we worked with in the past. He literally “hit it out of the park”! Our participants left energized, invigorated, smarter and ready to tackle the world! He truly made some life changing impressions on the audience. If you want to get your team to OWN IT, Chip delivers like no other. You won’t be disappointed, he delivers like few in the industry can accomplish."

Joe Porto
Director of Sales
Carrier Transicold
Hire Chip for Your Next Conference or Meeting

Chip will inspire your people to take an honest hard look at their current performance and strategies and shift gears to consistently strive to be top performers. His speaking topics work well to open your conference or close the event with contagious energy. You’ll get rave reviews and praise for choosing Chip with his highly engaging, enthusiastic programs that deliver lasting results.

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